Test Drive Nissan Teana For 3 Days 2 Nights ( Day 1 )

I have a question here... How good is this car Nissan Teana??
What it can offer me with this V6 3.5cc 250 horsepower Super Saloon car from daily use to long distance trip? So to understand this car and find the answer I decide to accept the challenge to this use this car for 3 days.
I got this car from Boustead Sdn Bhd and they let me use for 3 days.... anyway I also can go! So the first thing is I use this car go the school and pick up my kids. As daddy like us kids is our first priority lah especially a car for Family use... safety and large space is my first choice!!
This Nissan Teana is more than enough space for me and my kids. I sit a the front passenger put the seat to the back until my both legs almost straight and yet at the back passenger still go a comfy space!! This is one of the thing I really impress. About the safety it got ANCAP safety for 5 stars!!!

When I picked my kids and they saw I'm using this car they are so happy. Started playing around in the car and they love the Sunroof!!!! Although this Nissan Teana is Long and Wide but I still find no problem in turning and parking at the school coz is got a 360 degree camera. Some more it has feature I really like it and very very useful for me using at the school area which is the "MOVING OBJECT DETECTION" 
It detect things around you if suddenly come to the car when you parking, reverse or drive slow in the traffic jam!! I really like this feature and save life in the school if kids suddenly come near by the car and we cant see them....Thumbs up!!

After I sending my kids back home again I continue when to test and enjoy the car!! 
This time I try on the highway. The ride pretty smooth and silence.... but of coz when I step on the fuel paddle things has change!! It suddenly change from a Family car to a monster!!! 
First thing in my mind I was thinking am I driving a Nissan Teana or a 350z???
It was so powerful and fun to drive and it doesn't feel like I'm sit in a Saloon car. Front car drive slow or drive fast this Nissan Teana also can easily over taking them. I was so powerful when I full step on the fuel and almost every time I tot I gonna lost control the car but thanks to the 
it bring back into the line and everything it happen in split second!! Another Thumbs up feature for Nissan Teana! 

I guess most of the guy like to see their car through a reflection mirror or glass! Me same same too.. mmm looks like this Nissan Teana is a bit longer than the Korea car!!! hehe...

My brother comment in my Fb say he love this car... So I let him test drive it!
His first impression of the car is.. Wow powerful!!!

From 11am start drive the car and I kinda feel that this is not enough for me to test it. So at 2pm I decide to go further more..... I mean really really further more!!
I started pack my stuff and go for a long trip with this Nissan Teana!
Passport, Money, Bag, water and car refrigerator!! Sabah here I come.... I got tag it #NissanTeanaSabahTrip
2pm start go to Sabah... I know this is a tough trip and bit rush! Reach Kota Kinabalu should me at night 8 or 9pm!

Nice.... no so much car at the border and it was smooth!

When I reached Temburong I top up full the fuel. Then I just realize one thing here the fuel at Temburong are little tiny bit expensive them other!Normally is 53 cents per liter right but over there are 54.7 cents!!!

As I predict early.... for sure reach KK is about 8pm to 9pm and I'm worry things gonna happen badly during the trip. Along the way to KK there is a bad vision on the road... not much lamp poles and is very dark. I started drive slow.... really slow around 60 to 80km!!
I got 2 times can't even follow at the back of  Proton Myvi hahahahah they all are used to it and memories the road already that's why I can't catch up them!!
I feel shame lah... but anyway most important things is Drive Safe lah!

By the time I reach Papar I really feel hungry already!! Lucky I still can find back a restaurant I'm first time can here and eat (see Here
The food here are cheaper than KK. come here must eat the seafoods if not really wasted lah the trip. And most the people also came here for the seafood, if not eat here go to KK have to pay for double of the prices!

I don't know how to tell this place and give the address. It was a the Papar town some shop lot... Is next to the supermarket one. If you want to look for this place remember come at afternoon coz morning they not open!! Take the photo show to the Paper people I'm sure the people can tell you there is it. At the same block the first restaurant is a Malay restaurant and got sell BBQ chicken wing one!! 

I Love their Curry Fish Head... Is a must eat dish if I can here! 

Now you see......

Now You Don't!!!!
guss how much like this I eat???
Less Than Bnd$40.00 only!!! Got Grouper Curry Fish Head, Soya Sauce Big Prawn and Vege.... Where can I find that back home??

By the time I reach to this hotel already nearly 9.30pm!!
Yes I do feel tired but not the body... is my eyes!!
All the way from Papar to KK the road not much road light and my eyes was hurt by the incoming car's light that is why my eyes feel tired!!! 
Why my body don't feel tired? Thanks to the ZERO GRAVITY-INSPIRED SEATS The seats lift you up to relieve pressure points, helping to reduce fatigue while keeping you comfortable, no matter your body type.

Good Night Teana... See you tomorrow morning!!!

Chevrolet Cruze redefined

– After a successful run with the Chevrolet Cruze towards the Brunei market, GHK Motors Sdn Bhd introduces a newly redefined 2015 Cruze.
The redefined Cruze comes with some new exterior and interior designs such as a refined front bumper with fog lights, black colored dashboard with “Twin Cockpit” design, built-in signal indicators in the side mirrors and a new 16-inch alloy wheel equipped with 205/60 R16 tyres.
When you glance at the new Cruze, there are obvious changes that have contributed to the redefinition of the new Cruze such as the LED Daytime Running Lights embedded in the new front bumper as well as the redesigned rear tail lights.
Inside the car, you will notice a very comfortable steering wheel equipped with audio control which controls the entertainment unit that plays your favorite music.
The new Cruze is powered by a 1.6-litre EcoTec  engine that puts out 107 horsepowers and is complemented by a smooth 6-speed gearbox, controlled by a Gate Type Gearshift.
Safety is also on the top list for this car. Rated with a 5-star EURO NCAP for safety, the new Cruze comes standard with driver and passenger airbags and ISOFIX for your child seats as well as some driving safety features like ABS (anti-lock braking system).
The new Cruze is set to be priced at a very competitive price that will make it one of the most affordable model in its class that comes with a 6-speed transmission and has a fuel consumption of just 6.8 litres per 100km. Its spaciousness and driving performance is also one of the best in its class which gave the Chevrolet Cruze the award of being “The Best Mid-size Sedan 2010” and also “World Touring Car Champion 2010-2011”. The Cruze is also among the best passenger car for families which is why it was also named as “Best Car for Families” by US News and World Report.
If the new Cruze sounds like the next car for you, then feel free to stop by the Chevrolet Showroom at Sumbangsih Bahagia in the Beribi Industrial Area and have a closer look at the new Cruze. 

Tie the knot with the new Jeep Cherokee and Chevy

Getting married is a part of life. Buying your first Jeep is also a part of life which is why Jeep Brunei has joined the Wedding by The Bay exhibition at The Mall.
The exhibition began on 28 October 2015 and is ongoing until 1 November 2015. Opened to the public from 10AM to 10PM, visitors of The Mall planning to get married can find everything they need under one roof, including their wedding chariot.
The new Jeep Cherokee is the perfect wedding chariot because of its sleek and rugged looks complemented by a very comfortable and spacious interior, perfect for the bride and groom to go “riding” into the sunset.
The 2015 Jeep Cherokee raises the bar of what’s expected from a modern SUV as it offers legendary capability, superior on-road handling, impressive fuel economy and world-class styling and craftsmanship inside and out. All of these statements can be seen when you visit the Jeep display at The Mall during its roadshow.
Performance is not forgotten for this sleek styling SUV. Powered by a 2.4-liter Tigershark Multiair 2 engine coupled with a 9-speed automatic gearbox, the Cherokee reaches 100km/h in 10 seconds easily.
The safety and convenience features are also very generous as you get a reverse camera for you to clearly see what is behind you when you back up and also makes it easier for you to reverse park as well as hill start assist that ensures you that the car won’t roll back allowing you to take your foot off the brake and accelerate when you are on a hill, to name a few.
At the Jeep display during the wedding exhibition, you will also find the bigger brother, the Grand Cherokee. Both these cars have special deals offered during the road show in order to cater to the needs of the bride and groom.

Oki MC362 Printer

 Years ago I got this question why we cannot just bring our pen drive only and prints what we want in there... not need to bring the original copy to the photocopy shop.
Like we want to print the passport, ic, driving license etc... every time must bring the original copy there and print.
I found that most of the photocopy don't have this feature one... and if you want they have to use computer and use color printer to printer for you but it will cost 10x expensive!!

Now I know which printer can solve my question and it really make me thinking to get one of this back home lah.
This Oki brand printer really not bad oh don't play play... Not only that it got usb port for the pen drive,  it also can use wifi to printer thing from your smart phone.. cool right!! It available for  Apple® AirPrint™, Google Cloud Print™ and MotionPrint™ from OKI®
Now only that... it has a lot of feature I never heard before... Maybe I'm not a printing kaki so I don't know this day printer can do so many things now!! All I know All In One printer is like got Fax, Scanner, Print Photo, Print A4, A3 this is all I know normal printer can do...
But hey this Oki lagi Power lah... Print Banner also can no problem, I see the quality I also shock!! Duplex (2-sided) printing/copying standard, Multi-tasking functionality standard, Full-featured fax with dual access functionality and 4 MB fax memory, 50-sheet reversing automatic document feeder (RADF) standard – saves time and energy and most feature it has inside there.... say also cannot say finish here... I think for office or home office like me people is a not bad investment for this printer lo.
At first I tot is gonna be expensive like a thousand dollars by looking the size, multifunction and the quality but I'm wrong it's only $673.00 during the promotion...but of coz there is other printer may fit your needs too at the
Azutech Sdn Bhd Unit 1, Ground Floor, Plaza Al-Abrar Kg. Mata-Mata, Jalan Gadong Bandar Seri Bagawan, BE1718  +673 2428866
Not hard to find one.... Just same block with the Pizza Hut at the Beribi there next to the Ugama school there!!!

See.... like that also can print power lah.. my old one only can do A4 saja hehehe!
I know what can I do with the printer now.... Printer a Hight Marker for my 2 daughters a home. 

It has a small screen on the printer this also allow you to see your files in the pen drive which file you want to print one... 

Is using separate CMYK toner cartridges good for lower cost of operation and also no worries that your document kana water the color run away!!!

Azutech Sdn Bhd

Check this out how the printer print the photo via the smart phone

Azutech Sdn Bhd Prize Presentation

Yesterday, 9th of October marked the close of Azutech Sdn Bhd's 3rd Year Showroom Anniversary. This event was culminated in the drawing of the lucky draw prizes which was drawn by Haji Matussin, Director of Azutech Sdn. Bhd.

The winners of the prizes were 3rd prize (32" tv and smart tv box): Inframac Technology and Marketing, 2nd prize (purchase value back as store credit): Standard Insurance, and the Grand prize (4 day 3 night trip including airfare and hotel stay to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam): Mrs Tan Chew Chin. 

Azutech would like to thank all of its customers for their participation, and continue to invite everybody to their showroom in Mata-Mata to peruse the selection of Oki printers and photocopiers as well as Dell products.

Grand prize winner: Mrs Tan Chew Chin. 

 Second prize winner: Standard Insurance

 Third prize winner: Inframac Technology