Making Old Toy For My Kids

Do you still remember this??
For sure guys like me age around 40 plus sure got play this toy before. Pulling from both side and make the coin spinning. During that time we can buy this at the school canteen or outside the school uncle auntie selling things using their car!
Is been a long time I did not play this toy... last time haven't got kids never think about this wanna play again.. but now as a father I think is my mission to let my kids have a chance to play what we have before... of coz is not as fun as the ipad they play now but a least they also ever play before too.

So I found a plastic coin that my daughter they never wanted to play anymore and drill a 2 holes just next to the center. Then using a sting passing through the two holes and tide it up.
This is very easy to make and play.. swing it and pull.
When we was a kid we like to cut the leaf, water and paper. Even in the classroom we also try to cut the table..hehehe. of coz is impossible lah but is fun.
now getting old.. i become more thinking how to make the toys that we played during kids time.