How To Cook Japanese Soft Boil Egg?

I always want to try cook this long time ago... see the tv japanese ramen they cook the egg inside the egg york is creamy once cut the egg white the york like lava coming out... wow see also water mouth running.
That day my friend he told me he know how to cook and teach me.. I try mmmmmm not bad and I go back home try to cook, I guess I kinda success lah but the way of cooking it may not same result!
I guess is because of the size of the eggs, the pot and fire....,
If after you read this post and want to try I suggest you try to cook one or two eggs first and try few time to catch the timing of cooking the egg.

My friend told me he use 6 minutes to cook the eggs the of the fire let it rest for 2 minutes then take out and put in the cold water and open the shell. I try my friend's way but the egg york are almost cook already.... So I cook on my way for 4 minutes (water boiling put in the egg start clock) then off fire and rest for 2 minutes then put in cold water... now that is what I have in the picture!!!
If not that hard to cook but may take few time to get the perfect egg lah!!

This is how I cook on my way.... I use 3 eggs 

Then wait for the water boiling then put in the eggs!! 
Make sure the water are above the eggs then slowly put in the egg if not later the shell will crack the egg white will come out!!
Next is lower the fire, not too small just nice and make sure the water is bubble boiling.

Clock for 4 minutes!!!

After 4 minutes off the fire and let in the hot water for another 2 minutes!!

After 2 minutes... cold it with tap water

Open the shell in the pot. Slowly open it coz if you open to hard the white may open and the york will come out. So this stage must slowly open the shell!!

Last... eat lah!!! I cut into half the york come out like lava... I added one drop of black soya sauce and little pepper... Nice and yummy!!! 
Bah go try this liao I know you are swallow your saliva now heheheh