Boustead Sdn Bhd Disneyland Grand Draw

Owners of Nissan and Suzuki vehicles in the Sultanate were treated to a feast yesterday by Boustead Sdn Bhd in their Hari Raya Open House. The event which took place from 11.00am to 4.00pm has attracted a big crowd as the event was open to all public.
During the event, there were varieties of food on serve as food vendors were on hand to serve freshly-grilled Arabic food, Malay style cuisines as well as local snacks and pastries for all the prestigious guests and valued customers.

One of the highlights of the event was the Grand draw for Nissan Holiday Paradise in Disneyland promotional campaign where 3 lucky winners were selected to visit the Disneyland in Orlando, Florida with a partner of their choices. The winners are entitled to round-trip airfares, free accommodation and also a 1-day admission ticket to the world-renowned theme park. Other consolation prizes include 100% genuine Nismo apparels which are made and imported directly from Japan as well as multi-functional portable power charger that comes with the ability to jump start a vehicle.

Apart from that, there were also selected cars on display that came with specially designed stickers. These exotic cars have enabled car enthusiasts to get a closer glimpse on what our fascinating models line ups have to offer. In addition to that, test drive counters for both Nissan and Suzuki were also set up for those who are interested in experiencing the driveability of the cars. Free gifts were given out to those who registered themselves for the test drive of both Nissan and Suzuki vehicles.

As the sole distributor of Nissan and Suzuki vehicles in Brunei, Boustead is continuously striving to improve in order to provide the best possible services towards its clients. This latest event aims not only to reward our esteemed customers but also to show our appreciation towards their constant support.

Edgar Leong Mc of the Day!!!

Opening speech by  Dato Lim Beng Thai

First is draw 30 lucky customer for the number 1 to 30 

Then line up and the number 1 customer will first choose his lucky envelope 

There are 3 lucky winner for the grand price to USA Orlando Disneyland!

Baharin Bin Haji Saban

 Mohamad Shazol Risham Bin Adam

Ardina Binti Haji Ahmad

Hey... I know this guy long time no see him already... I always call him Hao Chi in chinese mean Delicious then we will reply me LaoPan which mean Boss!!!!

His famous Kebab!!

See... Long queue eh!!!!