Boustead Sdn Bhd Disneyland Grand Draw

Owners of Nissan and Suzuki vehicles in the Sultanate were treated to a feast yesterday by Boustead Sdn Bhd in their Hari Raya Open House. The event which took place from 11.00am to 4.00pm has attracted a big crowd as the event was open to all public.
During the event, there were varieties of food on serve as food vendors were on hand to serve freshly-grilled Arabic food, Malay style cuisines as well as local snacks and pastries for all the prestigious guests and valued customers.

One of the highlights of the event was the Grand draw for Nissan Holiday Paradise in Disneyland promotional campaign where 3 lucky winners were selected to visit the Disneyland in Orlando, Florida with a partner of their choices. The winners are entitled to round-trip airfares, free accommodation and also a 1-day admission ticket to the world-renowned theme park. Other consolation prizes include 100% genuine Nismo apparels which are made and imported directly from Japan as well as multi-functional portable power charger that comes with the ability to jump start a vehicle.

Apart from that, there were also selected cars on display that came with specially designed stickers. These exotic cars have enabled car enthusiasts to get a closer glimpse on what our fascinating models line ups have to offer. In addition to that, test drive counters for both Nissan and Suzuki were also set up for those who are interested in experiencing the driveability of the cars. Free gifts were given out to those who registered themselves for the test drive of both Nissan and Suzuki vehicles.

As the sole distributor of Nissan and Suzuki vehicles in Brunei, Boustead is continuously striving to improve in order to provide the best possible services towards its clients. This latest event aims not only to reward our esteemed customers but also to show our appreciation towards their constant support.

Edgar Leong Mc of the Day!!!

Opening speech by  Dato Lim Beng Thai

First is draw 30 lucky customer for the number 1 to 30 

Then line up and the number 1 customer will first choose his lucky envelope 

There are 3 lucky winner for the grand price to USA Orlando Disneyland!

Baharin Bin Haji Saban

 Mohamad Shazol Risham Bin Adam

Ardina Binti Haji Ahmad

Hey... I know this guy long time no see him already... I always call him Hao Chi in chinese mean Delicious then we will reply me LaoPan which mean Boss!!!!

His famous Kebab!!

See... Long queue eh!!!!

How To Cook Japanese Soft Boil Egg?

I always want to try cook this long time ago... see the tv japanese ramen they cook the egg inside the egg york is creamy once cut the egg white the york like lava coming out... wow see also water mouth running.
That day my friend he told me he know how to cook and teach me.. I try mmmmmm not bad and I go back home try to cook, I guess I kinda success lah but the way of cooking it may not same result!
I guess is because of the size of the eggs, the pot and fire....,
If after you read this post and want to try I suggest you try to cook one or two eggs first and try few time to catch the timing of cooking the egg.

My friend told me he use 6 minutes to cook the eggs the of the fire let it rest for 2 minutes then take out and put in the cold water and open the shell. I try my friend's way but the egg york are almost cook already.... So I cook on my way for 4 minutes (water boiling put in the egg start clock) then off fire and rest for 2 minutes then put in cold water... now that is what I have in the picture!!!
If not that hard to cook but may take few time to get the perfect egg lah!!

This is how I cook on my way.... I use 3 eggs 

Then wait for the water boiling then put in the eggs!! 
Make sure the water are above the eggs then slowly put in the egg if not later the shell will crack the egg white will come out!!
Next is lower the fire, not too small just nice and make sure the water is bubble boiling.

Clock for 4 minutes!!!

After 4 minutes off the fire and let in the hot water for another 2 minutes!!

After 2 minutes... cold it with tap water

Open the shell in the pot. Slowly open it coz if you open to hard the white may open and the york will come out. So this stage must slowly open the shell!!

Last... eat lah!!! I cut into half the york come out like lava... I added one drop of black soya sauce and little pepper... Nice and yummy!!! 
Bah go try this liao I know you are swallow your saliva now heheheh

GHK Motors Launch New Mitsubishi Galant

Mitsubishi’s favourite model, the Galant, with profound success in the Brunei market 15 years ago with approximately 10,000 units sold since its first entry is now making a comeback! Currently it’s a hatchback model under the name of Galant Sportback.

 DESIGN In keeping with its sports orientation, the Galant Sportback features 18-inch 8-spoke alloy wheels, Ralliart style front grille, side skirts, rear spoiler and sports front seats. Other standard features are a reversing camera, voice activated Bluetooth with audio streaming, climate-control air-conditioning, Smart Key, rain sensing wipers, dusk sensing lamps and a 6.1-inch full colour touchscreen with iPod compatibility.

 ENGINE / TRANSMISSION This sporty GSR houses a 2.4-litre MIVEC engine, CVT transmission with steering wheel paddle shifts, delivers a power output of 125kW and 226Nm of torque, making it one of the best non-turbos around.

 SAFETY Housed in Mitsubishi's innovative Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) body, the cabin offers strong protection in the event of an accident. Coupled with a raft of electronic safety features including active stability control, active traction control, anti-lock braking system, electronic brake distribution with brake assist technology, seatbelts with pre-tensioners and force limiters on the front, child restraint anchorage points and two isofix child seat anchor points in the rear, it all adds up to a top five-star ANCAP safety rating.

 The following are the highlights of the Galant Sportback: 
2.4L MIVEC engine 
168hp @ 6000RPM 
226Nm @ 4100RPM 
INVECS-III CVT transmission with Sports mode 
Ralliart style front chrome grille surround 
Black Ralliart style radiator grille 
Rear sports spoiler 
Paddle shift for semi-auto driving 
Wide 2-DIN 6.1" QVGA full colour display audio system (AM/FM, Single CD player, iPod compatibility and rear view camera interface) 
Steering wheel audio control 
Cruise control 
4-wheel Independent Suspension 
Driver and passenger airbags 
Reinforced Body to resist torsion and keep everything smooth 
ABS with EBD 
Stylish 18” alloy wheels 
This Galant Sportback is the GSR model 

Fully made in Japan GHK Motors Sdn Bhd is also having a Hari Raya open house for the public to mark the festive season. All are welcomed for some refreshments as a token of appreciation for all the years of customer support.  GHK Motors Sdn Bhd is happy to remind the public that its Hari Raya Giveaway is still ongoing. Purchase any GHK brand of vehicles, including the new Galant Sportback from 1st July until 30th September 2015 and stand a chance to win big cash vouchers. Customers can drop by to our Mitsubishi showroom or call us at 2423423 during working hours or follow us on our Facebook page for more details. 

Perfect Soft Boil Egg

Last weekend hangout at my friend's house and he show me the perfect soft boil egg which is like the one same as Japanese Ramen the egg cut into half the egg york like a lava flow out from the egg!!
He told me the technic how to cook it..hehehhe at the moment I don't tell you first. wait until I try first lah!
As far as I know different size of egg need different timing to cook... so maybe even now I show you the way to cook it also may not come out as the same results!
But anyway how lah... Practice few more time surely one day can success one lah..


Boustead Sdn Bhd will be having an internal lucky draw for all customers who have purchased any NISSAN models from the promotion period 1st Dec 2014 to 31st July 2015.
The event will be held at our Beribi showroom on the 7th August 2015 at 3pm with the purpose of drawing out THIRTY customers to attend the final draw which will be held in a later date. The internal draw will be conducted by invited guests of honours from Baiduri Finance Berhad as well as BIBD AT-TAMWIL with the presence of media associates as the witnesses.
Of all the customers who have purchased any NISSAN models during the promotional period, thirty of them will be selected to enter the grand draw on the 16th August 2015 where THREE lucky winners will get to visit the Disneyland in Florida, Orlando with a partner of their choice.
This event will mark the end of the Disneyland promotional campaign as previous winners have been sent to Hongkong Disneyland as well as Tokyo Disneyland. Boustead Sdn Bhd is looking forward to continuously reward their loyal customers with upcoming attractive promotions.

Name of winners :

1) Dr Namal Arosha Senanayke Senanayke Mudi Yanselage
Ic : 51-260589

2) Baharian Bin Haji Saban
Ic : 00-270488

3) Saiful Bahrin Bin Ajaran
Ic : 00-281990

4) Ismail Bin Haji Abdul Wahab
Ic : 00-300068

5) Hartini Binti Matali
Ic : 00 -127193

6) Mohamad Sharol Risham Bin Adam
Ic : 01- 063289

7) Mohammad Riduan Bin Haji Kipli
Ic : 00-268280

8)Mohamad Nurjamie Asri Bin Kula
Ic : 01-070858

9)Haji Kadir Bin Haji Ratu @ Haji Abd Kadir
Ic : 00-016686

10)Ampuan Rodey Iskandar Bin Ampuan Hj Abd Kahar
Ic : 00-274810

11)Hj Muhammad Azhar Bin Asal
Ic : 00-307973

12)Siti Munibah Binti Shahrol Zaki
Ic : 01-055537

13)Nor Hezri Bin Omar
Ic : 51-014736

14)Ardina Binti Haji Ahmad
Ic: 00-268449

15)Mohammad noor Quayatul Alifullah Bin Haji Suili
Ic : 01-045304

     16 )Suzana Binti Haji Johara
       Ic : 00-302685

17) Mazmah Transportation Services

18)Dk Razaaitul Afiqah Binti Pg Sallehuddin
Ic : 00-318865

19)Moksin Bin Haji Aman
Ic : 00-110104

20)Chong Tet Leong
Ic : 50-939304

21)Haji Othman Bin Aliyuddin
Ic : 00 – 043197

22) Abdul Faiz Bin Roslan
Ic : 01-073676

23)Pg Hj Jasni Bin Pg Hj Ismail
Ic : 00-048619

24) Bani Enterprise

25)Yong Teck Nyek
 Ic : 00-073811

26)Noorul Hasyimah Bazillah Binti Haji Muhammad Irwan
Ic : 01-059701

27)Azamain Bin Haji Chuchu
Ic : 00-128557

28)Abdul Aziz Bin Mat Jais
Ic : 00-292471

29) Azrina Binti Hj Mohd Jaya
Ic : 00-304430

30)Nur Razinah Binti Razak
Ic : 01-081643

Making Old Toy For My Kids

Do you still remember this??
For sure guys like me age around 40 plus sure got play this toy before. Pulling from both side and make the coin spinning. During that time we can buy this at the school canteen or outside the school uncle auntie selling things using their car!
Is been a long time I did not play this toy... last time haven't got kids never think about this wanna play again.. but now as a father I think is my mission to let my kids have a chance to play what we have before... of coz is not as fun as the ipad they play now but a least they also ever play before too.

So I found a plastic coin that my daughter they never wanted to play anymore and drill a 2 holes just next to the center. Then using a sting passing through the two holes and tide it up.
This is very easy to make and play.. swing it and pull.
When we was a kid we like to cut the leaf, water and paper. Even in the classroom we also try to cut the table..hehehe. of coz is impossible lah but is fun.
now getting old.. i become more thinking how to make the toys that we played during kids time.