EcoDriveHillChallenge Day 4

Final day of the EcoDriveHillChallenge. The route will all the way from our hotel here back to Brunei and stop at the Kota Batu Mangrove Resort!!
Me... jialat still not feeling well, at first morning the still ok one but after start sit in the car going back  started got running nose and drowsy. 
After having the breakfast we the hotel and doa selamat at 10am we start jalan!
Now since is the last day so everyone try to get the best result of less fuel consumption. I notice they drive kinda slow and that is why it took us slow back to Brunei.
The first stop we at having lunch at the Sipitang. Due to the big number of group people and cars we have no way can have a restaurant that can fit us and car park. Guess where we eat?
We makan at the pondok with a awesome seaview. 
I was sit at the first car we first arrive there tapao KFC... if not like that I think have to wait 1 hour to get out food and eat. It was really enjoy out lunch there it feels like having picnic with all of them.
After makan continue jalan at stop at Temburong feul station for the last fuel top up. 
From there everyone also not the road how to balik kampong so the convey I don't see again.
After everyone reached to the Kota Batu Mangrove Resort the technician start use the computer and check their results. 
Winner of Nissan Juke winner is Davis Ling and his teammates.
Winner of Nissan Almera is Abdul Bahiyuddin Bahrom with his teammates.
Winner of Nissan Evalia fall to Mr. Hang!!

On the way back home!!

This is where we had our lunch!! Is Picnic time....

Lai lai lai.... got Ayam. Burger, salah, potatos... pick what you like!!

EcoDriveHillChallenge Nissan Juke winner is Davis Ling and his teammate 

EcoDriveHillChallenge Nissan Almera winner is Abdul Bahiyuddin Bahrom with his teammate

EcoDriveHillChallenge Nissan Evalia fall to Mr. Hang!!

Dinner time.....