Durian Season Coming Soon!!!

Yesterday post at the Facebook I bring my kids back to the kampong take Durian after I post it few people already calling and texting me can I sell some for them..heheheh Even I reach home a guy jogging pass by my car see I unloading the durian also come and ask me am I selling it or not!!!
Sorry lah guys.... this is not for sell one. Good durian always like that you very hard to see people selling unless is having a big number lah got extra then they sell.

This durian I collect one is not yet ready for eat... That is because of all this durian are blow by the storm wind which happen few days ago. It was too heavy each is about 4 kilo above that's is why the strong wind can blow them off.
I got 16 of them... actually there is many more falling but I cannot stand the mosquito attack me so I didn't take them all. Never mind lah.. let them be there for few more days then go take again!
So at the moment now I have to cover them all with thick cloth first for weeks wait for the smell come out then is ready to eat...
Or maybe I can try like now people sharing the BBQ Durian... sound like is a good idea for me to try hehehe

Never try this before... but it sound like my kind of things I'll do

Check out the sizer of the durian comparing with my foot!! I wear size 11...