Where You Can Find Ostrich Egg!!!

Never hear about that there is Ostrich egg selling in town here. Few days ago went to Louis's Trading (gadong abdul razak complex) to take my shoe there to fixing I saw two huge egg in a green basket. Then I realize that is a Ostrich eggs.. and I was for sell $18.00 each! 
This is also my first time I'm holding an Ostrich egg... It feel so hard, solid and heavy!!
I feeling to buy one of that back home and let my kids play at home but at the second thought I didn't bought it home. 
Wondering how it taste but I have no courage to try... hehehe but some of my friends had tried it at other country. A single ostrich egg is equivalent to two dozen chicken eggs so if I cook this egg which mean I have to call up to 10 people come to my house and eat...  Taste good or not good still don't know but they said it same taste like chicken egg too.
Wake next time lah... if I call enough people come eat them I buy one and try cook it!

Lucky 50

This is rare... long time no see the ATM machine come out $50 note and today I went to airport take money at the Baiduri Bank ATM machine some more the number also nice too. 
Not just that is a $50 and it was a new note... best thing is the smell!!!
Oh man... I love new money smell. I guess this is the smell of heaven lah!

 Smell awesome lah!!!

Durian Season Coming Soon!!!

Yesterday post at the Facebook I bring my kids back to the kampong take Durian after I post it few people already calling and texting me can I sell some for them..heheheh Even I reach home a guy jogging pass by my car see I unloading the durian also come and ask me am I selling it or not!!!
Sorry lah guys.... this is not for sell one. Good durian always like that you very hard to see people selling unless is having a big number lah got extra then they sell.

This durian I collect one is not yet ready for eat... That is because of all this durian are blow by the storm wind which happen few days ago. It was too heavy each is about 4 kilo above that's is why the strong wind can blow them off.
I got 16 of them... actually there is many more falling but I cannot stand the mosquito attack me so I didn't take them all. Never mind lah.. let them be there for few more days then go take again!
So at the moment now I have to cover them all with thick cloth first for weeks wait for the smell come out then is ready to eat...
Or maybe I can try like now people sharing the BBQ Durian... sound like is a good idea for me to try hehehe

Never try this before... but it sound like my kind of things I'll do

Check out the sizer of the durian comparing with my foot!! I wear size 11... 

More Than 50 Year Old Comics On Sale This Weekend

“Can you remember Comics of Dandy? Whizzer? Bunty”, asked Diony – the owner of this great comic collection. One of his prize collections to watch out this weekend is “The 1968 rare Donald Duck comic” It’s an extreme rare WALT DISNEY comic that states Brunei on the front cover. Comics back then were priced at 3 pence or so.

His comic book collection would definitely bring nostalgia to the buyers. “You can see how excited the grownups are (with their eyes glittering) and when they tell their children that that’s the comic they read when they’re little”, he further lamented.

Other comics to set your eyes on are the newspaper back quality oldies from the 70s. They are so fragile that with the flip of their pages, it would tear. You can see the aging of the papers beautifully especially along the staples. Only a part of his collection has been flown in from Singapore. Most of them are first rare issues and are kept in safe deposit boxes. 

Even the advertisements in these comics are fun to browse through. They bring back memories. Just like the old advertisements of sea monkeys, toy soldiers and mail order. The price shown in these advertisements definitely tells you how cheap things used to be.
On sale are also first issues of Superman, Justice League, Doom, The Thing, X-Men, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Superboy, Star Trek, Wolverine and many more.
Have you heard of The old comics of Smokey Bear? Or have you seen a publisher without a logo? For example, Hanna – Barbera’s comics without a logo. It’s very rare plus the font type is different from now.

This private sale is open to the public and is free for all to visit. This mini collection sale is to promote and enliven the culture of safe keeping on collectibles that are valuables.
It will be held at House No.8, Simpang 9, Jalan Mata Mata from 10th to 12th July 2015. Opening hours are from 9.30am to 5.00pm. For further details please contact the collector at 8772366.

EcoDriveHillChallenge Day 4

Final day of the EcoDriveHillChallenge. The route will all the way from our hotel here back to Brunei and stop at the Kota Batu Mangrove Resort!!
Me... jialat still not feeling well, at first morning the still ok one but after start sit in the car going back  started got running nose and drowsy. 
After having the breakfast we the hotel and doa selamat at 10am we start jalan!
Now since is the last day so everyone try to get the best result of less fuel consumption. I notice they drive kinda slow and that is why it took us slow back to Brunei.
The first stop we at having lunch at the Sipitang. Due to the big number of group people and cars we have no way can have a restaurant that can fit us and car park. Guess where we eat?
We makan at the pondok with a awesome seaview. 
I was sit at the first car we first arrive there tapao KFC... if not like that I think have to wait 1 hour to get out food and eat. It was really enjoy out lunch there it feels like having picnic with all of them.
After makan continue jalan at stop at Temburong feul station for the last fuel top up. 
From there everyone also not the road how to balik kampong so the convey I don't see again.
After everyone reached to the Kota Batu Mangrove Resort the technician start use the computer and check their results. 
Winner of Nissan Juke winner is Davis Ling and his teammates.
Winner of Nissan Almera is Abdul Bahiyuddin Bahrom with his teammates.
Winner of Nissan Evalia fall to Mr. Hang!!

On the way back home!!

This is where we had our lunch!! Is Picnic time....

Lai lai lai.... got Ayam. Burger, salah, potatos... pick what you like!!

EcoDriveHillChallenge Nissan Juke winner is Davis Ling and his teammate 

EcoDriveHillChallenge Nissan Almera winner is Abdul Bahiyuddin Bahrom with his teammate

EcoDriveHillChallenge Nissan Evalia fall to Mr. Hang!!

Dinner time.....