EcoDriveHillChallenge Day 3

I wanted to post up this write long time ago but it just not at the good timing. Coz due to the Kundasang earthquake I should pay a respect so wait until now then I decided to update it.
Right after this trip about 2 weeks time the earthquake strike. This is the last time I see and take photo with the Mt. Kinabalu the original beauty.

Ok lah... sad thing don't want to say lah.. we talk happy thing.
The third day to the EcoDriveHillChallenge me walk up very early because of the 2 reason.... One is I hungry(because of cold weather there) second is I want to see the Mt. Kinabalu. People say have to wake up early in the morning baru can see coz that's the time not much clouds. It is cover by the clouds early but after we wait for about 20 minutes the clouds was open and show us the Mt.KK, I guess we was lucky enough that's why we can see her. For some people came here few time still haven't see her full scale!!
After taking photos with the Mt.KK I walking around the resort see see look look the place. Eh not bad oh.. yesterday we came is raining I did not really look at the place. This place feel like at orang putih place the flowers and plants very beautiful no wonder so many people like to stay here lah. In fact I want to book for the next trip with my family come here but unfortunately all room full already due to the Gawai!! 

After we having breakfast I went back to sleep... hehehe coz wait up too early already feel sleepy after makan. We check out around 10am and our next place to visit which is the Desa Cattle go there drink fresh milk and see the cow!!! I went there last time with my family, buy the fresh milk, ice cream see the how the milk the cow from a room. But this time I went they are allow visitor to feed the baby cow and kambing!!! We went to see the place where the cow they eat, sleep and poo poo pee pee. oh the smell really fresh lah....hahaha.
After the the farm we all heading back to the Kota Kinabalu. After we reach there it was a free and easy day for all the participants. Everyone can go shopping jalan-jalan but me wasn't that lucky lah. Maybe is the cold and hot weather lah.. when I back to the town I started got fever.. didn't go anyway just sleep after I eat the medicine. even at night also didn't follow then go out makan. I just ask them to tapao for me. Then the day 4 I feel better and get ready to go back to Brunei! 
Bah.. come take a look what we do at the day 3 here at Kundasang!

After taking photo with the Mt.KK I waking around the resort!! Check out the place.... nice right!

Feels like me at western country here...

This is the entrance of the Desa Cattle.

I just notice every time the group photo I not in the photo... Next time I have to ask people take my camera lah

Eh... you also tapao their chocolate milk ka???

Early in the morning the business very good because of we all come...hehehe

We brief by the farm tour guide before we all go inside the farm see and feed the animals

alright... let's go!!!

Watch your step... beware the poo poo. Hehehe they all believe what I say!!

Here I come out a joke and ask them.
How the baby cow call their father??
They answer Moooo........
Then I say. Good boy... what do you want son???

Do you got it my joke???? They all call me Daddy!!!

Next joke... How the kambing call their mother???
This time no one answer me....

You want to experience feed the cow first you have to buy the milk to feed them. RM1.00 per bottle!!

This is where the cow they sleep and rest!!

And of coz where they poo.... the smell here maybe some people don't like it lah

You know why cannot smoking here???
I told they because of their poo poo got gas... later if you smoke here it will explored!!!

After the Desa Cattle farm we straight away back to the hotel at KK town.

after taking this I tarus sleep.... cannot tahan liao!!!