EcoDriveHillChallenge Day 2

Day 2 17th May 2015 the Eco Drive Hill Challenge continue after the long drive yesterday from Brunei to Kota Kinabalu now we have to continue the journey. But the dat 2 is more relax not like yesterday all the time is inside the car. Today is gonna be more fun coz we going to see the house of up side down. Feel the nice and chill weather at the Kundasang and visit the Hot Spring!!!
After the day one long trip today everyone is more familiar which each other...
We starting knowing each other, add in FB and follow IG. Today I feel like we are a big family, eat sleep do all in the same place...
I remember I make a quiz for everyone at Rumah Terbalik when we having lunch there. My quiz is What is the Coconut in Malay and everyone give the wrong answer!
You gonna say is Kelapa or Piasau right... wrong my answer is Kacang Coco!!! coconut.. nut is kacang in malay, so coconut is call Kacang Coco!!! hahahahaha next time try this joke with your friend if order a coconut juice at the restaurant!!

Second day out first place visit is here... the Rumah Terbalik! 
This is a place at KK if can must come here take a look. The house and everything is turning up side down. This place remind the place Ripley Believe It or Not at Florida St. Augustine. 
Makes you like entering to a different world!

Can you see when is the day it open???

Ok lets go in!!!!

So sweet..... 

Wait wait wait... 123 pose!!!


If you can use this toilet... I pay whatever you want!!! hahahhaLOL

Lai lai lai.... YUM...... SENG!!!! 

Come lets eat.. cannot tahan I'm very hungry liao!!! The Curry really nice here

Everyone Full charge battery already???

Went to their toilet and saw this!!!

Take group photo first then begin the real Hill Challenge 

Now here is the staring point of the Hill Challenge!!!
Let's see who has the people skill of get the best fuel consumption with their car!!!

From the Rumah Terbalik I take over the wheel all the way to the mountain!!

I super salute this people!!! really really salute them. Some more  there are kids and one old man I think got 60 plus age!! steady lah they can make it all the way to the Mt. KK

Tada...... we arrive at the Mt.KK!!!
Delay no more, just a while rest we continue to the Hot Spring!

That's it.... this is the famous Hot Spring at Kundasang!!!
I like this place... really nice!!

Look at our people all yellow!! Like gangster or not heheheh

I forgot to bring my money... if not I'll makan here again!

this is it!!! See few time in fb people post here today I finally come!

I did touch the hot water... is really hot don't play play oh!!

We are doing a Bollywood love movie drama here....hahahaha

King of the Mountain!!!
Eh Bro... you jump I jump!!!

Very hot day cannot tahan, Lucky here got a cold water pool. Is really cold like ice and I also don't know why anyway good to cold my my heat now!!

I realize everyone like to shopping buy buy buy...  go any stop got see people selling must buy something!!!! 

Ok... gonna say good bye to the hot spring!!!

We are on the way to our hotel but is rain is pouring... drive very slow.

Second night we stay here Pine Resort!!!

Nearly half of the resort we taken!!!

Cold weather here make people hungry fast!!! Luckily I'm smart got stanby food bought from this morning at KK there!!! Hungry now what also nice one lah..

At the same time I also notice my phone is telling me she want to retire and get a new phone!!!

Dinner serve.... 

Eh.... got Karaoke contest ka??

She really can sing!!!

Good night everyone....  see you tomorrow morning and say hallo to the Mt. Kinabalu!