EcoDriveHillChallenge Day 1

This is it.... One year one time Nissan Eco Drive is back! Last year is 10 unit Nissan Almera from Brunei to Kuching 2000km journey (Click Here) but this year Boustead Sdn Bhn open for Nissan Almera, Juke and Evalia costumers also!!
This is year is 10 Almera, 5 Juke and 5 Evalia the challenge is see which car can get the best low fuel consumption. Winners will win a cash voucher and 4 pieces new yokohama tyre!
This years the challenge will not as easy as last year coz this year is the Hill Challenge... We are going up to the Mt. Kinabalu which mean that up hill is more makan minyak tu!!!
4 Days 3 Nights... this is gonna be fun!!! The Fun is not only the road trip but also together with the new friends... In this 4 days I really enjoy the trip with everyone in the challenge. We went to the Rumah Terbalik( house of up side down ) Hot Spring, Kinabalu Desa Dairy Farm and eat also of KK Foods! Although is was the Hot trip but I really enjoy especially inside the car I follow with the Boustead's staff and technician all the way to KK got talk and laugh!!
I no lying if next time got this trip again really must follow one time. Participant only have to pay $50.00 only and one car 3 persons eat, sleep, fuel is all free.... where to find this kind of lobang oh!!! Bah never mind lah... come follow me I show you the trip come come!!!

16th May 2015 the race is flag off at the the Boustead show room 9am 

We gonna spent the 4 days road trip together in this car.

This is our first stop fuel top up checkpoint at the Temburong!!!

A small group photo at the Lawas Immigration.

Heading to the Lawas Town for lunch!!!

This is where we have our lunch!! 

I remember I making a joke here at this restaurant that day...
I say... this is the Lawas beef, Lawas Chicken, Lawas vigi, Lawas seafood..... Wait a minutes Lawas don't have sea where is the seafoods come from...( everyone laugh)

This is where I buy my Malaysia line... 

After the lunch continue the journey but Jialat... road repair here almost got 1Km the road like that!!

Toilet and Cigi break at the Sindumin here!! Not yet Durian season if not we can have Durian buffet here :)

Come faster look over here for the group photo... 123 ok go very Hot cannot tahan!!

The Sun from morning until now is always follow me on my side.. the sunlight is burning my left arm cannot tahan lah... hot until I cannot stand have to use my towel to cover! 

I never bored looking at the Sabah sightseeing it, That's one of the reason I love to drive to KK! 

After 8 hours drive we arrived to Kota Kinabalu!!!

First night we check in at the Tang Dynasty Park Hotel.

Girls.... I want to go toilet and kaboom... please can I have my room key first??

The welcoming dinner we makan at the this awesome place! Kampung Nelayan.
Got fresh seafood, big parking space and show to watch... awesome lah!

Macam macam all kind of fresh seafood they have here.... 

See also cannot tahan already... yummy yummy!

Oh yeah... this is a good stuff!!!

Oyster....... I want!!! But too bad I takut tonight cannot sleep later like Mr.Bean!!

Wow... this place business very good oh... Full House.

How's the food??? Good??

Good timing.... show begin!!

Our Participants invited go to the stage to dance with the dancers!

Tired.... very tired my legs need a massage, too bad is not at Bangkok if not I go look for massage my body now!! Here no choice have to sleep early coz tomorrow have to wake up early to makan and go up Mt. KK!!!! Good night!