Brunei Flowerhorn

Eh.... I didn't know that we also have this event here... If you like to see the Flowerhorn then should not miss this. even you are not a fans also can come see see look look same like me!
Today I went to Pusat Belia makan breakfast I saw this sign hanging out side the entrance far far I already see the flowerhorn banner! Just know that there have a flowerhorn competition. Some fish are from local owner also got from Indonesia and China!
Me long time no see people play this fish already... from newspaper and magazine I see many time the fish is really beautiful now I can see it here at Pusat Belia! Start from today 3rd till 7th June 10am-10pm only Friday open at 2pm-10pm!
Bring your kids and friends come see see look look lah if you don't have ant plan! Is open for public and entrance is free!!!
Don't play play some of the flowerhorn the head really big oh!!! worth to come take a look!!