It Really Works~~~

Last weekend went to Miri shopping and I bought this small about a double size of stapler Sealer for seal the snack packaging while every time you did not finish eating you chips. I bought it at the Daiso Bintang Mall there.... At first I was hesitate that will this thing really work? I show it to my wife asked her want to buy or not she also not sure. She saw it early already but didn't make her put into the basket! I was thinking aiya never mind lah just buy lah only RM5.00 only if kana tipu also never mind lah.
Today open the drawer saw it just remember I got buy this thing... and suddenly got mood want to give a try. It runs with 2 AA battery is very easy to use, just like you use the stapler clip it and slices!
Guess what.... it really works!!! I try with 2 different type of bags both also work very will!
Now I kinda regret that day I only buy one saja.... Next trip go Miri I wanna buy few more back and put at home.. Give as a gift for my friends also not bad too!! 

At first I try with my tapao... it seal!!! 

Then I try with my kids koropok.... is works well!!!
suggest you guys also get one too!