I Strike Jackpot!!!

For some people they may think they got cheated, me at first also think at the same way and I want to bring back to the supermarket for ask my money back. But think about it in the happy way I'm kinda strike jackpot here. Is really rare got see stuff happen like this. Aiya.. never mind lah how do I know my good luck is coming soon one day right!!

I went to a supermarket bought some stuff and at the counter I took a bottle of gum. I just took one and pay together with other item. After I go back in my car and want to open the gum I realize the bottle is kinda super light weight and the sound doesn't sound right. I feel like inside there are some gums missing but the bottle is new and sealed never been open. I used my phone and video recored the whole footage.. Yup as I predicted inside the gums a missing only have 6 pieces.
Hehehe now how??? complain also no use... if me at USA maybe still got chance to get refund by the factory lah hahahaha!