How To Stop Your Friends Sending You Play Pirate King?

Yes.... not only me hate that a lot of my friends also don't like it as well. Some how those game is like donkey years ago but still some of your friends sending you notification ask you to join play the game example like the Pirate King.
Cannot tahan lah that game I really don't get it what so fun to play that. I got ask to play almost everyday from people. 
Some people hate it even post in their facebook status say don't ask me to play PK but still no use lah. coz the player want to get more free spin so their send that to their friend in order to get free spin.

Talk no use one lah... no matter how many time you hate or say in your fb still receive one unless all your friends no one playing that game anymore lah.
But no worries.... there is a way you can do it to stop received that notification at you phone!
All you need to do is do some setting in your account!! Is very simple and you take less than a minute to do! In you facebook(phone apps) go to Account Setting~ Apps~Platform On~Off~Turn Off Platform~Platform Off. 
Simple as ABC.... but if you same like me post photo in the IG and linked to FB this may no more activate but no worries... just follow the setting appear in your IG and do the setting everything will be fine and no more received your friends ask you to join play games!!