Belia Cafe

When is the last time you step inside to the Pusat Belia? Long time no go in already right hehehe. After the Pusat Belia renovated and give new paints the place has a lot of different already now. The biggest change which is the canteen lah. 
If you been there I'm sure you still remember the canteen is before the big staircase. Now no more there... is more behind the staircase. More nicer and better... every table got power plug (4 side) allow you to play computer or charge you phone. Once you sit down first thing you feel you in like a Resort... and the pool just next to it! 
This Belia Cafe opened recently at March!!! So far not much people know lah... I knew it already and went there couple of time. 
Talk about the foods what can I suggest here?
Eh... I guess I share their Nasi Lemak with you all lah. What so special about it? If you ever eat the Nasi Lemak at Kampong Air there I think you know why! Before 1990 the owner already selling the Nasi Lamak at Kampong Air(yayasan there) but after the place burn down the nasi lemak also no appear on the market!!!
Now the nasi lemak reborn again.... If you wish to try the taste for 30 years ago come here and try it!!!
The foods here are very cheap... from $1.00 up to $3.00 only!! The nasi lemak also only $2.00. as you see on the photo... got rice, peanut, sambal, fried chicken, cucumber, egg and ikan bilis... $2.00 only!!
Try to call your friends come here for once and visit the place Pusat Belia... Chill bro chill.. not bad! They open in the morning... at the moment closed at 4pm. In future will open till night lah so by the time can sit outside no so hot can enjoy the view of Lapau... Parking also easy too park at Lapau there (free at night time) and walk across the road!!!
I'll update again you all if they have new good things to eat... that day I saw the auntie cook curry chicken for the lunch (economy rice) look good but I didn't try lah. Update you again next time!