I Am Vampire

Hehehe.. Sorry if my this photo scare you!
Anyone still remember this classic toy we played masa 80's? I don't remember this thing how much already but I do remember last time we bought a small yellow box inside got secret prize some time is a marble, ring, green soldier, 50 cents if you are lucky you may get this vampire teeth!!! We like to play this masa primary school and scare the classmate. Back in the 80's this is very popular to play.. I guess is because we watch too much the Hong Kong zombie moive lah!!
I think I got almost 30 years did see this toys already.. can't believe I still can found this here. 
Ya lah as usual lah.. last week I went to Telanai there Hong Bee ( behind the QAF Supa Save) there see see look look got what new old toys arrive!!
I found that this vampire teeth it bundle with the Soldier Parachute together!!! The parachute also long time no see too... Then also I found the small gun you put the cracker inside it go Piang Piang sound one!! What a lucky day I can found them back! I bought it home can't wait the play it with my kids at home! I think they also watch the Walking Dead movie so they also automatic know how to play with it... walking around at home open their mouth like zombie there LOL.... The parachute no suitable for my girls lah... is more for the boy!!
FYI... the airplane is back to stock again now and they have new model of the plane!!!
If you want to buy better fast fast go oh... limited stock there after I post this sekejap finish tu!!!

Buy for kids birthday party also not bad right... each coming kid give them one and play!!

This one I also long time no play.. But I like the red paper in roll one... the gun powder is one small dot dot, once you fire few time can tear it off one... ah that one more fun!! also long time no see too! 

The plane I posted last month remember(Click HERE)?? Now got new stock already!! 

Belia Cafe

When is the last time you step inside to the Pusat Belia? Long time no go in already right hehehe. After the Pusat Belia renovated and give new paints the place has a lot of different already now. The biggest change which is the canteen lah. 
If you been there I'm sure you still remember the canteen is before the big staircase. Now no more there... is more behind the staircase. More nicer and better... every table got power plug (4 side) allow you to play computer or charge you phone. Once you sit down first thing you feel you in like a Resort... and the pool just next to it! 
This Belia Cafe opened recently at March!!! So far not much people know lah... I knew it already and went there couple of time. 
Talk about the foods what can I suggest here?
Eh... I guess I share their Nasi Lemak with you all lah. What so special about it? If you ever eat the Nasi Lemak at Kampong Air there I think you know why! Before 1990 the owner already selling the Nasi Lamak at Kampong Air(yayasan there) but after the place burn down the nasi lemak also no appear on the market!!!
Now the nasi lemak reborn again.... If you wish to try the taste for 30 years ago come here and try it!!!
The foods here are very cheap... from $1.00 up to $3.00 only!! The nasi lemak also only $2.00. as you see on the photo... got rice, peanut, sambal, fried chicken, cucumber, egg and ikan bilis... $2.00 only!!
Try to call your friends come here for once and visit the place Pusat Belia... Chill bro chill.. not bad! They open in the morning... at the moment closed at 4pm. In future will open till night lah so by the time can sit outside no so hot can enjoy the view of Lapau... Parking also easy too park at Lapau there (free at night time) and walk across the road!!!
I'll update again you all if they have new good things to eat... that day I saw the auntie cook curry chicken for the lunch (economy rice) look good but I didn't try lah. Update you again next time!


GHK Motors Sdn Bhd had its 1st Draw today at Mitsubishi Showroom, Beribi for the “Be More. Get More” Promotion. GHK started this promo from 15th April until 15th June 2015. This promotion is for customer who purchased Mitsubishi Attrage or Mirage during this period. They will be entitled :
      Customers will get $100 petrol voucher when they purchase Attrage or Mirage within this period.
      There will be special promotions on bodykits, which there is a discount of $1000 for Attrage bodykit and $500 for Mirage bodykit.
      And last but not least, buyers of Attrage and Mirage during the promo period will be entitled to the lucky draw to win cash vouchers. The first prize is $2000, second prize is $1000 and third prize is $500.

This is the first of two Draws. This Lucky Draw will round up the first 3 winners for the cash voucher as mentioned above and is for customers who purchase the Attrage or Mirage FROM 15TH APRIL 2015 TO 14TH MAY 2015. The winners will be drawn by Pg Halaluddin bin PM Dato Shariffuddin (Sales Manager for Mitsubishi Division).

There will be a second Draw which will be held on 26TH June 2015 whereby another 3 winners for the same cash voucher prize as mentioned above will be determined. This second draw will be for customers who purchased Attrage or Mirage from 15th APRIL 2015 TO 15TH JUNE 2015, excluding winners from the first Lucky Draw. There are two draws which mean double the chance to win, for those customers who did not win this time, don’t be upset as you still have one more chance!

How To Stop Your Friends Sending You Play Pirate King?

Yes.... not only me hate that a lot of my friends also don't like it as well. Some how those game is like donkey years ago but still some of your friends sending you notification ask you to join play the game example like the Pirate King.
Cannot tahan lah that game I really don't get it what so fun to play that. I got ask to play almost everyday from people. 
Some people hate it even post in their facebook status say don't ask me to play PK but still no use lah. coz the player want to get more free spin so their send that to their friend in order to get free spin.

Talk no use one lah... no matter how many time you hate or say in your fb still receive one unless all your friends no one playing that game anymore lah.
But no worries.... there is a way you can do it to stop received that notification at you phone!
All you need to do is do some setting in your account!! Is very simple and you take less than a minute to do! In you facebook(phone apps) go to Account Setting~ Apps~Platform On~Off~Turn Off Platform~Platform Off. 
Simple as ABC.... but if you same like me post photo in the IG and linked to FB this may no more activate but no worries... just follow the setting appear in your IG and do the setting everything will be fine and no more received your friends ask you to join play games!!

Kolomee Special (Versus Edition)

I actually want to do this post long time ago, If last time me already one day can eat all the 4 kolomee here I want to introduce but now got a bit age cannot eat as last time anymore. The health need to take care cannot eat like no tomorrow business anymore.

Today here I got 4 different restaurant kolomee which is from the Danes(batu bersurat) Tasty(gadong) Thien Thien(gadong and the newly open The Mighty Cool Chefs ( old Lamen restuarant)
So far this is the 4 restaurant I found that they have their Kolomee with Special that's why is call Kolomee Special.
Here got 2 is Halal 2 are not. Thien Thien and The Mighty Cool Chefs (halal), Tasty and Danes (not halal)
FYI.... today this post is not judge who good who bad lah hehehe.... Is just tell you what they have and what's the prices. For me all also nice and yummy but of coz there is one I love it more and feel worth it. The prices from $4.50 up to $7.00
First of all.. lets talk about the Danes Cafe Special kolomee at the Batu Bersurat one...

This is the Danes special $7.00 kolomee... What so special??
Eh inside got 1 pieces Bacon, Minced pork, 3 Meat Balls(pork) Noodle, 1 Fried Egg and the Crispy pork fats.
I have no doubt it's nice... The fried egg taste like me at home cook using butter not using normal cooking oil. I can see their bacon also cook in the right way ( click HERE see the right way cook bacon) 

This is the another Kolomee Special from Tasty Restaurant. Eh.... Almost similar same like the Danes one.. but the portion is much bigger and more than that!
1 fried egg, 5 meat ball, 1 bacon, more minced pork and more noodle... eh is cheaper only $4.50 and also is the cheapest Kolomee Special among all here. One thing is the bacon and egg not cooked as nice looking as Danes. 

Next is this.... is a newly open restaurant same block at the Gadong Excapade there.. previously is the Lamee restuarant. $5.00 inside got 2 big bakso(meat ball),1 fried Tofu, 1 piece fried wanton skin, noodle and steam chicken. Can give a try lah not bad also but if the bakso cook in other way I think will be much better than just use boil it. (halal)

Last is this from Thien Thien chicken rice one. In fact they are the oldest Kolomee special in town lah.
FYI their kolimee special actually just have few prawn, few fish cake, few chicken slice but today I additional add on their famous steam chicken... you see the picture like that only cost $4.70 
worth it right!!! (halal)

Honestly for me four of them their Kolomee Special also nice but it just that the prices 2 may cheaper and more portion. Although the other 2 are more $$$ but I still think can eat.

I Strike Jackpot!!!

For some people they may think they got cheated, me at first also think at the same way and I want to bring back to the supermarket for ask my money back. But think about it in the happy way I'm kinda strike jackpot here. Is really rare got see stuff happen like this. Aiya.. never mind lah how do I know my good luck is coming soon one day right!!

I went to a supermarket bought some stuff and at the counter I took a bottle of gum. I just took one and pay together with other item. After I go back in my car and want to open the gum I realize the bottle is kinda super light weight and the sound doesn't sound right. I feel like inside there are some gums missing but the bottle is new and sealed never been open. I used my phone and video recored the whole footage.. Yup as I predicted inside the gums a missing only have 6 pieces.
Hehehe now how??? complain also no use... if me at USA maybe still got chance to get refund by the factory lah hahahaha!

When The Day Our Rice Is No More Is A Rice.....

How To Make Your Car Dashboard Compartment To A Fridge?

It sounds like impossible right... How can make a the dashboard compartment to a fridge in less than $10.00 or even is free??
But I really did it and it really works and really cold, where ever I go with my Hulkjero I can have with a cold beverage.
Why I got this idea is because I was arranging the compartment, all i have inside there is expire document, paper, no ink pen and some tissue... basically it just like a trash bin. I just realize this compartment I seldom open... maybe just open once a week or less so is kinda useless. I'm thinking what can I do it it... at that moment I saw my water bottle is was put right between my seat and the seat belt lock. My old Pajero there are no cup holder or place to put bottle. In that moment I know what I can do... let's make it into a cool box but the result it cold like a fridge!!
My Mitsubishi Pajero is the first model 1983 2 doors. Although is under power but the ac really awesome cold. In Brunei car no power never mind but the ac must be very cold if not hot die me!!!
I open the compartment and saw the hose from the center ac to the passenger, I was thinking maybe I can cut a little bit hole and let the cold air blow in the compartment so that it will become cold.
I know that if I do that way the passenger side ac wind will drop. But is ok lah... most of the time nobody sit there and my is 2 door the room is very small so is cold enough one!
I took out the original hose when to look a rubber spring hose to replace it the reason is because I don't want to cut the original one... very wasted lah.
The rubbe spring hose you can find at the car aircon work shop or you can try to look for the Vacuum cleaner or washing machine hose also can. If got the used one much better coz is freebie.
I just cut a little hole and put back in, make sure the hole is facing down the box!!
How cold is it? I use a thermometer to test inside the box it was about 8 to 9 degree 'C. when I hold my water bottle it feels like just take out from my kitchen's fridge... really awesome!!!
Really easy to make one simple as ABC.... if you also same like me the compartment not really use it why not try this DIY and you can have a fridge like my now!
Now let's see the picture how I do it... you won't believe it was so easy to make one!

First I open the compartment clean up all the stuff. As you can see inside the ac blower and cooling coil inside there.

That's the hose bring the cold air to the passenger side!!!

My car 32 years already and this hose still look like new!  Very wasted if I cut it...

So I got one hose from my friend's aircon shop.... freebie yeah!!!

Cut about 5 to 6 inch long hole just like that you see the picture!

Next... just put it back and make sure the hole is facing down the compartment.

Again close back the compartment and full blase the aircon.

As you can see my water bottle here you can judge how cold is that with my water now!!!

After I done with my fridge my daughter she found my secret compartment she also want to put her drink in too!!
So try to make one yourself but make sure you are no more using the compartment for keep your document oh!!!

It Really Works~~~

Last weekend went to Miri shopping and I bought this small about a double size of stapler Sealer for seal the snack packaging while every time you did not finish eating you chips. I bought it at the Daiso Bintang Mall there.... At first I was hesitate that will this thing really work? I show it to my wife asked her want to buy or not she also not sure. She saw it early already but didn't make her put into the basket! I was thinking aiya never mind lah just buy lah only RM5.00 only if kana tipu also never mind lah.
Today open the drawer saw it just remember I got buy this thing... and suddenly got mood want to give a try. It runs with 2 AA battery is very easy to use, just like you use the stapler clip it and slices!
Guess what.... it really works!!! I try with 2 different type of bags both also work very will!
Now I kinda regret that day I only buy one saja.... Next trip go Miri I wanna buy few more back and put at home.. Give as a gift for my friends also not bad too!! 

At first I try with my tapao... it seal!!! 

Then I try with my kids koropok.... is works well!!!
suggest you guys also get one too!