Weeken Family Miri Trip

Last time go Miri I never think of so many things one... Feel want to go just go lah with friends or alone, day trip or stay overnight! 
But now no more freedom as before liao.... The last time I stay over night at Miri is attend my friend's wedding few years back!
Last weekend is the first time bring my kids go together but this time I notice one problem which is where to eat! Before I where to go eat also no problem mostly just go 2020 there eat but this time with kids I become don't know where can I bring them go eat! Worries the foods they both don't like to eat...  So I try to look for a nice place that my daughters there can eat which is got hot fried type. I found there is a place which is just next to the Giant in front the restaurant there is a very unique BBQ pit which is make using a classic Mercedes-Benz. Very catchy so we stop down and went there to eat!
I oder a small red fish... not bad yo and is cheap!! The whole night dinner I order 8 dishes only cost me less than B$50.00 
Overall the place not bad oh.... Not sure is it because of weekend that's is why got many people come her and eat! Lucky I got turn inside this area to look for place to eat if not also don't know have this place. This place is not hard to find one... Just after you turn the right from the traffic light (near the curtin school) before cross the bridge turn right again to the Giant Supermarket there and you'll see this Orange Mercedes_Benz parked at the road side in front of it is the restaurant! Go try next trip you go miri!

To make this car like that I can tell is not cheap oh... Cut the head cut the tail join up and paint if here at least cost few thousand dollars!