The 36th Bangkok International Motor Show 2015

Finally this is the day we been waiting for The 36th Bangkok International Motor Show 2015 at the Impact Muang Thong Thani. WalanEh... this place really really big lah! I know is big but didn't expected that big loh!!! The area over 140,000 square meters of the Challenger Hall 1-3 which mean that there is a 19.6 football field inside! Big right.... don't play play, Just one car booth already bigger than any car agent back in town I see liao I also blur!! Blur is I don't know how and where to start!!
Every motor car booth the design superb and huge everyone also very Kiasu one!!
More than 30 car companies, 9 motorcycle companies, famous car audio brands and more than 170 auto accessory booths are lively join together to exhibit their latest products. So you can imagine how big is the place liao right!! 

The Motor show start at 12noon the door haven't open already many people line up waiting to go in.... I feel like is going in watching concert there! As I mention in my previous post I say I walk until my leg hurt coz we days ago walk too much and come to here walk again I really don't know how many km I walk here.. I just know that my leg feel pain after 4 hours I'm here with the Boustead Sdn Bhd people and the media! 
Eh... no lies one really worth to come here lah... the entrance fees only 200Baht inside go sooooo many thing to see can car to watch!! best part is got many motor girls allow you to take photos again some more good lah really! Some of the girl their skin really white lah like tafu one but after some how I started question myself are they a real lady ka?? hehehe maybe is pondan oh don't play play... lol

Ba ba bah... don't say too much here liao lah come let's go show you some of the photo in the motor show... Sorry ah too many photo I took but cannot show you all. If you want to see all go to my facebook page HERE and see!! Inside there got more beautiful model there... Sui mak mak oh!!!

This place is where you go buy your tickets! Before come out you have to go through a security check first and use the escalator go to 1st floor then you'll here!! This level also where you can find the food court.... just walk the way to the end and you'll see. Halal food also available!! 

The door haven't open yet so look for a place to sit first!!

This is the location and info of the car dealer... use your smart phone scan the QR code! from here you can see who having the biggest booth liao..

This is my ticket!!!
This year, the show is developed under the concept “Art Of Auto”

12 o'clock sharp the door open!!!

They are this year Miss Motor Show greet all the visitors

Here the first one I show you all is the Nissan. Big or not? now you can imagine this one booth can park how many car already! 

On the stage is the Nissan Juke!! 

The Nissan Teana.... don't know why the cars here are looking good. I think is the lighting punya effect lah!!! Those car in the motor show really look kilat and the color really shine! 

I cannot read Thai... but I know the numbers lah. very interesting with the 0% I wander is that mean no bank interest ka?

If I'm live in Bangkok want to buy car this motor show is the best time to come!!! 

Look really smart with the Cargo box and the bicycle on top the Nissan X-Trail

Is a Nissan Bike?? No
Is a Nissan Concept Car? No
Is a Playstation!!! 

Those are the trophies Nissan won at the Motor show! 
Here is the Maserati!!! Cannot go in take photo only can see see look look for far unless I orang kaya want to buy then go in wait the salesman assist you!!

Nice ah the white one... 

Mercedes-Benz. Nice ah the design look elegance!! 

The all-new 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS. Video click HERE
If you drive this car can directly go to the race track liao.. Siok eh

For the Bike lover... you gonna love here. Me I only like take girls photos..hehehe

Do you notice that the bike are firmly hold and lock??  So the models can really sit and pose on the bike without worry it fall!

Future BMW car not need pakai fuel anymore!!

This is the BMW i3 power by electric. review click HERE 

Heard about BMW i8 ka??? Not??? lai lai lai... click HERE

Finally can see the real BMW i8. Tv see many liao now I see the real piece really feel different. This car remind me the TRON 

Here come the Suzuki... from far far away already can see the figure 8 

This is Suzuki Ciaz 1.4cc with big body and space... not bad oh!

Mitsubishi Motors!!! 

Among all I think Mazda has the most bigger number of Salesman here!!


Toyota new car 2016 MIRAI power by hydrogen. click here 

Here come the HONDA!! 

Chevrolet... I notice Thailand don't have Orlando here!! Why ah?? If have you'll see me buy many many accessories back home! 

Is that the New Chevrolet Captiva ka?? 

I just remember I don't see Motor girl here are Hyundai! Maybe is I come too early.

Wow... long time no see MG car already!! Just notice they have so many new model car! 

Can you guess what car is this??

Oh yeah... That's hot ride!!! Porsche 919

Nice body ride... Hot baby hot!!! eh I meant the car ok...hehehe


I know one of my friend he love this very much!!

Oh.. this is nice loh!!! Use this for the Borneo trip comfirm awesome lah!!! Right hand drive some more not need worry cannot pass! 

Very luxury interior... mini kitchen. bed room, tv, toilet all have!!!

If I have this confirm king of the road liao!!! Tonight sleep at Tutong beach, tomorrow night sleep at Muara beach also can!!

If you think just now that one on top is too expensive than this one also good from Airstream too... more cheaper. 

Got this one go KK not need rent hotel liao...

Here come the Yamaha!!! 

Cool ya the yamaha motor!

Classic car display!! 

This car make me think of Kuala Lurah the grill sambal stingray 

Car audio section.... where you can see many man take the model photos!

Is this look familiar with you? remember those model dance a very weird dance.... hallo, hallo, hallo hehehe, yeah those are the dancers!

Green is Go. Green is cool!!!
ngam with my tshirt drive this on the road confirm many eyes look at me!

I think the girls wear black is symbol of Jaguar right??

I book the black one... later send to my house Ok!!! hehehe 

When is the day I can sit on one of that!!!

Thule baby seat for bicycle. 8000baht only 

Harley Davison..

Honda Bike....

Is day... Don't Not Touch!! So I just point.. 

After we finish round the cars now we came to this auto accessories booths!!

Macam Macam ada lah.... Lucky no bring credit card come if not I broke!!

The food court!!! Big....

Big enough need this not need to walk like in the airport~ 

Halal food also have!!

Let's find a seat first before order food!

Me just go for nice and simple... Chicken Rice~

The whole day walking and my leg cannot tahan anymore!! Next time go have to bring Tongkat Ali with me together hehehe