New Promotion Mitsubishi Attrage & Mirage

Mitsubishi Attrage and Mirage are one of the most fuel efficient car in its class. In order to classify as eco car, vehicles must have a CO2 emission of less than 130g/km to which the Mitsubishi Attrage and Mirage has a CO2 emission of less than 120g/km. Attrage and Mirage are environmental friendly and fuel efficiency cars.
GHK Motors is now giving a “Be More. Get More” promotion for these most fuel-efficient cars in its class. This promotion starts from 15th April 2015 to 15th June 2015, customers who purchase a Mitsubishi Attrage and Mirage during the promotion period will get a $100 Petrol Voucher, not only that but we will also be giving special promotions on bodykit, which there is a discount of $1000 for Attrage bodykit and $500 discount for Mirage bodykit.
Last but not least, customers who purchase Attrage and Mirage in this period, will be able to win exciting prizes in our monthly lucky draw, which Grand prize is $2000 Cash Voucher, Second prize is $1000 cash voucher and Third prize is $500 cash voucher. There will be two draws for the prizes which if customer did not win in the first draw, they are entitle for our second draw. The first draw will held on 22th May 2015 and second draw will be held on 26thJune 2015.
The monthly installment for Mitsubishi Mirage is from $247/month and Mitsubishi Attrage is from $262/month. Customers can drop by to the Mitsubishi showroom in Beribi or call us at 2423423 during working hours or follow us on our Facebook page for more details.