Fast And Efficient

3 days ago I pass by the Jalan Kubah Makam and I spotted the road there is a road... and the hole soon getting bigger and bigger. I can feel that my back of my car bumper almost can touch the road after I passing it. I know that soon there is a car driver gonna suffering it when the hole is getting bigger! I told myself I have to do something about. So I took few photo of the road and posted in my facebook page seeking the authorities to take the action immediately. After I posted in my facebook there is over 140 share and I believe that some authorities show this post and their take action very fast.. with in the half day after I posted it up the hole and road was covered avoided car passing by!!
The second day I saw some working start doing their work try to fix it... Then by today I pass by that area and saw the road already almost done!!!
That's really awesome!!! You see.... we can do something good things to our communities via the social network as long as we use it in the right way. It can bring us a better life. better communication and share the message!! Don't just making a hoax or sharing nonsense and stuff are not true!!!
Sometime I do kinda mad see people sharing that... I know I can't stop that but what I can do is to show the people here how you can do it right! If we work it together make our country better future and unite isn't better than just sit down there the finger type the useless thing?? 
This wasn't make thing better!! Our country need we all people do it together... Not always complain the gov!! If my reader didn't share my post do you think the worker automatic the bluetooth can know where got big holes at the road??? Impossible one... So stop complaining and do it together make it better!!! 

Next day I pass by there half road was covered!!!

Today I see the hole already done.... I guess tomorrow the road will open again!!! Good job good job!!!