Brunei Maritime Museum

What's your plan for the school holiday? Few more day the school holiday gonna end... if you haven't got any idea where to go why not try to bring your kids to this new museum just opened few weeks ago! The new museum is located at the Kota Batu which is just next to the Brunei Malay technological museum 
The new museum is call Brunei Darussalam Maritime Museum. Inside you can see the history of Brunei boat. long long time ago the china boat and the angmo boat come to Brunei.
In the museum they also have display some old old time plate, vase, bowl that come from China!!
Inside the museum there have 3 gallery.... eh remember cannot take photo inside there oh! Bag, camera and phone have to keep in the locker!!! Only at the reception area and outside building can take pictures! Sorry I don't have inside the gallery photo but I found few people send some in the social network during the opening... I borrow borrow share some here! 
Not bad lah the place here... can bring your kids come see see look look during the holiday!!