Bring My Kids To Watch Circus At Miri

Last weekend I went to Miri bring my kids to watch the Circus at the car park Boulevard shopping mall there. At first just want to go Miri spend a night there let the kids swimming and shopping but my friend told me there is a circus from England so bring them to watch lah. Some how circus are not often can see in here.... If I don't bring them to watch don't know when can let them see what is circus and how it look! When I was a little boy during 80's there is one time at Berakas Stadium and the second time also at Berakas Stadium carpark it was 2003.
How was the show???? I can say is not so bad lah... at least is a real circus! But no lion or elephant or any animal performing. Suppose the last show is end at the 26th April but now extended to 3rd May. 
Show time one day 2 times 6:30pm and 8:30pm, One show is around 1:45 minutes.. so watch the 6:30pm show you still can rush back home, if you stay over night then watch the 8:30pm lo!!1

Me that day 4pm start go from Bandar, It was 2km jam at the sungai tujuh so reach miri already 7pm. We went to eat dinner first then finish eating ngam ngam reach there is 8:15pm. It was a Saturday night that's why is full house on that night! Outside the parking lot I also see a lot of Brunei cars oh!
I guess that is the reason why the show is extended to 3rd of May waiting more Bruneian come down and watch!

I bought the VIP tickets.. RM48.00 each but my little girl only 3 years old which is free not need pay!
Honestly.... sit where also same one lah coz the circus not very big and you won't sit too far cannot see the show but I really really recommended you look for a seat got near aircon or fan one lah.. coz inside when is full house I feel kinda warm loh!! Lucky I got bring my hand Fan with me all the time if not my two little girls hot till wet lo!!
Toilet also one of the problem too.... I looking for a toilet and the guy guard at the door told me is behind there... there... there.. when I go there there there I realize is kinda far there and hard to find. Me last last no go toilet and tahan until I go back hotel.
The circus is kinda like kampong style type, you don't expected like what you see in TV type lah!! Overall it still worth it with see my kids so happy their first time see circus lah!!

When I arrived parked my car ngam ngam everyone line up enter!!!

Ticketing just on the right and side!! remember Monday is Off Day no show oh!!!

I got 4 vip tickets... around B$72.00. No GST heheheh

Just let you know first,.. if you want take photo with the snake have to pay one oh!!! 

It was full house that night!! I see few familiar Bruneian faces there!