Bangkok Trip 2015 Day 3 & 4

Day 3 here come the Dday we go see the Bangkok Motor Show but I make a special post for that coz is too many photos in the show cannot post same same here. To see that post I in the motor show click HERE.
This one here I just show you my trip day 3 and 4 what I eat, do, go. nothing much but also let you see see look look lah!
The 3rd day early in the morning I cannot go eat sandwich anymore as my breakfast lah. This time I must eat some local street food for my belly.... Me and one friend we walk from our hotel to Pratunam look for kolomee. There is one everyone also know their kolomee very nice so most of the people will go there eat but this time I no more eat there coz the people already start queue before the restaurant open. Most of the people are chinese tourism and the queue is about 30 meters long!!! Guess this is all Social Media job lah... post in the blog tell people very nice now become everyone come eat and I cannot eat anymore!!
But nobody knows there is one place the kolomee are alsovery good... some say are better than the one here!  You notice that this long queue kolomee not much thai people there go eat one... coz the thai went to the lorong just next 10 meter down a bit!!! that is the thai people they like to eat!!! A teochew grandmom and she can speak chinese and hockian. Even my brother and father also say the Bak Mee Heng so good!!! So guys.... need time see long queue here better walk down there and eat not need wait long long one!

After finish our breakfast I also tapao few packets back to hotel for the rest of people... then by 10:30am we start heading to the motor show event!
After the motor show is free and easy..... me no go anyway just stay back at the hotel and swimming again! The rest went to shopping again....
At night I bring 2 fellows went to one of my place which is at the Thonglo 55. The place already not different look after renovation! As usual lah... I love their Hoi Tod !!! oh nyaman lah!!! Bah cannot tell so many liao come see photo I show you!

Last time where got that long queue one I come, Now haven't open already that long like that how to eat oh!!!! So sorry loh cannot eat here anymore, have to go another my backup Bak Mee Heng liao...

If you never try the noodle here can go a try lah... me eat many time liao so this time is ok not a must to eat! Click Here

This is the Old lady in the Lorong there... bigger and nicer!! Not much tourism know and sorry no photo show you the lorong how the grandmom stall look like!! I don't want next time go there long queue again and I can't eat no more!

On the way to the event!!! 

Arrieved at the Motor show... the place really big!! almost got 6 foodball field that big! Check out my "The 36th Bangkok International Motor Show"

At night we sneak out went to my favorite place eat Hoi Tod. This place is me first introduce to all my reader... before where got people know how to come here and eat! How I know this place? It was back in 2007 me first time came to Bangkok working do a event the agent bring me and my brother come here eat! From that day I start fall in love with the Hoi Tod!!! Check Here to see the post where is the place!!
Now the restaurant not like before... is better looking after renovation!
This is a must to eat if you come here!!! Hoi Tod... Everyone I order for the people who follow me come here they all for sure like it too!!!

In fact what you see in their menu you just dare dare order... confirm is nice one the foods! 

Pad Ka Pow back in home town also have but taste different... That's why I love to come back Bangkok here and eat this!!

Deep fried pork belly... I can touch the heaven eating this! 

The salted egg fried sotong... another one i love to eat here.

Hehehe people tot I want to fried Kangkong in the hotel room.. lol no lah this is the Miang kham i just preparing first so later can eat! 
One the day back home.... 
Very tired faces.... 

I have a nice trip this time with them from BT and BB media!

Hehehe... my camera got special seat for him!!

This is the Thai Baht I left... Bring 7000Baht  still have nearly 4000 baht come back!!!