Bangkok Trip 2015 Day 2

Day 2 wake up early in the morning very very early already start raining! btw... this is also my first time walking in the rain at Bangkok... Come here many time always hot and humid but this morning is chill and wet!!! I tot today day gonna be like that all day rain but when after we finish out breakfast the rain also finish too... Now that is the Daymare begin!!! After the rain the water evaporate and the Bangkok is like in the sauna!! Some more we walk in the Chatuchak Market my sweat flow like a waterfall... wah come here for slim down is the best place! I see one time selling water I buy one time!!! But walking in the chatuchak market is fun lah... although is hot but still have many many things to see see look look and buy.. especially the the Pets section it really make me want to buy some back home for my kids and home!
After the chatuchak market it almost took our half day trip. I was really hot and exhausted... some more the market is so big and we couple of time keep looking for the rest of the people in the group!  Found one and again missing 2... wait here and there. Aiyo susah really!  Last last I cannot wait anymore and went back hotel by myself using the MRT!! Reach to the hotel the first thing I do go to the pool and swim!!! Wah... I felt like in the heaven there... The pool is all mine no other people!! Naked swimming also can ah hahahah!! It was a perfect cold temperature semi outdoor pool!!!
After a nice cool swimming I went to get a relaxing massage... not need go out just next to the pool in the hotel own massage!! can call come to the room also if you want too but of coz extra charge lah!!

After the massage take a nap in the room then again everyone meet up at the lobby coz we heading the the Asiatique and eat dinner there! There is a couple of time friends asking me "How To Go Asiatique" and most of them found kinds hard going there. Actually is easy one not need to take Taxi also can, just use the BTS and go to the Saphan Taksin station the walk out to the Exit 2 and take the boat (free) then you reach to the Asiatique. The best time to go is at the evening I recommended you go at 4pm coz that is the best time to see see look look the Chao Phraya river and enjoy the sunset!!! If you come before that then you'll get into the people mountain people sea jam jam jam!!! The queue will very very long!! And don't forget go back early oh... if you go back after 9:30pm the jam very jialat one!!!

Bah now come follow me I show you my day 2 trip in Bangkok!!!

As I mention just now at the morning it was raining.... walaupun heavy also cannot stop us go eat breakfast there!!! Me actually prefer eat the street foods one but I takut the rest of the gang cannot take it and worries later food poisoning so no go, just go to the Au Bon Pain have and sandwich!!!

Can you believe that I can't finish this whole sandwich and have to share with the other!!! 

After the breakfast we no waste time straight away come to this places!!! 
The one and only Sunday Market at Chatuchak. Over 15,000 booth and shop here... it take you one day also hard to finish go see see look look!!
If you are young and strong and fit I think you can finish walk this place lah... me this Uncle cannot liao!! Just a 2 hours walking in the market I already surrender.... I'm started dehydrate and keep drinking water to cool me down! Then one time we found a secret garden and saw the couch I feel like found a Utopia!!! hahaha Wah the place was so cool and windy feel like don't want to walk and stay there forver!!!
But it was still fun lah this place many things to see and buy!!! Once I have my new house come her but the furniture also not bad!!!

wow..... the dogs also know how to enjoy!!! 

There is so many things you never see and unexpected can find in here!!! Is hot but worth to come!!

I hot this 2 bath towel for my kids!! less than $15.00 for both!!!

Have you try this Choconana? It just started few years ago.... if you come here don't forget to give a try!!! check the video HERE

Here I'm started lazy to walk already after 1 hours plus walking... so many things to see and buy but I really don't have mood to do!!!

Suddenly I found this place... wahahahahah I like a heaven here! You just imagine that the places is like 40'C and when I sit at here the place feels like in the aircon room hahahah. I almost melting in the market lucky I found this secret garden!!

Heading back to our hotel but I lost the group again!!! Lucky got Whatsapps and I told them I go back first cannot wait no more coz is too hot man!!! 

I took MRT go back alone the rest they use BTS!!! Yes is a bit far using MRT coz it turn one big round  and I have to stop at Asok change BTS to go back hotel!!!

Once I reached hotel most the people they went to shopping again ( really saluted them) Me cannot tahan no more tarus go to the swimming pool and swim. 
I feel like I own the whole pool no one there... can naked swim also can!!!

After the cool nice swimming I go for an hour body massage!!!
siok eh.... fall asleep some more really nice!!!

After a nice good rest at the hotel we all meet up at the lobby again continue of our journey. This is the info you can take note if you want to go Asiatique. We use the BTS go to Saphan Taksin and then take the boat!! is very easy but many people lah so better go early next time you want to go!!

We are at the Chit Lom station so go to Sapham Taksin station is 37baht around B$1.50 so is very cheap!!!

After arrived at the  Saphan Taksin take the No:2 exit it was on the left hand side!!

Then line up at the queue Asiatique oh!!! 

Bah lai lai lai.... we open one of this at Muara Port lah!!! heheheh 

This is the place we having our official welcoming dinner at the Baan Khanitha an authentic Thai cuisine restaurant!!

Yes.... we all very hungry already!! Whole day walk here and walk there and the weather very hot not finally can really sit down, relax and enjoy the meal!! come feed me!!!

Before the food arrive I order this Miang kham for eat siok siok!!! 
Have you try this Miang kham before?? This is very common you see selling on the Bangkok street around 40baht like that!!! Is nice and make you got appetite to eat!!!
Next time you see this selling on the street buy one back to hotel and try it once!!! Nyaman tu!!!

Come Thailand no eat Tom Yum Kung Soup is like you haven't come to Thailand here!! I don't know why every time come the Bangkok real Tom Yum Kung are taste different back in home!!

Grill beef.... eh how bout I say is more like a Thai style Wayu Beef!! yummy yummy.

Sorry... forgot what name is this. Is a long bean with deep fried fish!!!

Grilled assorted seafood (Squids,tiger prawns, sea prawns and rock lobsters)

 Dinner done now is time to go see see look look in the Asiatique. This the one of the the place you don't see lady calling man, No asking for money, no sleeping baby with unknown mother!! 

I always want to bring back this idea and make business back in home town but too back can't find one of that van at home!! If have right I think I want to sell burger hehehe!! I know that on the way to Pattaya got a factory their restore this type of van and make it to a bar or depends on customer requirement. 

Aha...... there you are!!! I finally found you!!! I found this type of ice-cream in the travel tv program. I don't know what is this thing call but the special of this ice cream is the corn twisted and inside are hollow which can stuffed with ice cream!!! eh... maybe I just name it Ice-Cream Tongkat lah or Walking Stick ice-cream so you can a bit understand what I try to tell here! 

Very unique right the corn twisted at that way... If I not wrong this is start from Korea!!! If you want to buy the machine click here I found one for you! 

And this is how it look like lah!!! Isn't it look like a walking stick??
Inside all stuffed with Ice cream... So is every bite you feel crunchy with ice-cream.

This is another ice cream you can try on. Vanilla ice cream stuffed with fruits in a Japanese fish mouth doriyaki bread!!! nice not bad....

Ok.... is time to say good bye to you and hope to see you again soon!!!

After go back to the hotel and take a shower my belly is making a junk food call!!! hehehe as usual lah come to Bangkok I'll go to the 7-11 buy some things to eat and tapao the frozen food balik kampong!!!
There always some new snacks coming out when I go back there! 
The soft drink also have many many choice... I spend about 15 minutes see see look look in this 7-11
If not the whole night I also got nothing to do so come here jalan jalan lah

This is just a one basket you see saja.... another one is none halal one!!!

You will never hungry in the mid night if you stay at a hotel a 7-11 just next to you!!

Ok... this is end of the day of my post after eat this tomorrow morning we are going to the Bangkok Motor Show!!!