Bangkok Trip 2015 Day 1

Yeah.... this is the day I been waiting for a 4D3N Bangkok trip which invited by the Boustead Sdn Bhd went to see the Bangkok Motor Show!! 4 from the Boustead and 3 from the Media but me more like a tour guide than a Media lah hahahah. Bangkok is like my second home there and every year I go once time so I already kinda familiar there.
During the trip it was really fun with the group.... a lot of funny stuff happen in the car and flight, the foods is great and the best part is the Motor Show!
Of coz do not forget the shopping lah... Girls is the happiest during shopping lah. When time for shopping that is the moment I go look for my own things which is foods hehehe.
I been to Thailand many times already but this time the Less money I spend there. I bring 7000baht there and come back with 4000baht which mean I only spend about B$130++ this trip, wow I really save a lot lah... nothing much thing I buy this time. I bought some little foods, gift for my kids, a shampoo... lucky I didn't change much money lo!!
Although didn't spend much money this trip but it did walk a lot.... I mean really a lot!!! walking at Chatuchak Market is like having a excise in a sauna.... I can't remember how many bottle I drink at that day. Then the 3rd day we go watch the Motor show the place is almost like a 6 football field that big. Inside got aircon I also walk until sweat out man!!!
Lucky our hotel got pool and massage there I can relax and recover if not my leg really jialat man!!
Bah lai lai lai..come I show you all the 4D3N trip in Bangkok.. sorry cannot show you all the pictures coz is over 300 photos can't post it all!!!

On the flight we all sit same same... it was fun and joke with others! 

Our meals.... Curry beef!!! 

Salad with prawn!!! 

After a 2 hours+ flight we arrived at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport gate 7 waiting for our Van!! Is was a hot day here in Bangkok and we all hungry!!! At that time in Brunei are 3pm plus so kinda hungry already but no worries... coz I already told my driver tapao food for us and eat in the van!!
The group tot I was kidding until they get into the van and saw the tapao baru believe me...hehehe 

See Don't play play.... the food already wait for me and it still warm!!! Follow me to Bangkok no wrong one confirm is a happy trip. 

All happy after makan... bah now is time to take a rest coz we will arrive to the hotel nearly one hour due to jam!!!

This is the hotel Arnoma Hotel Bangkok in the center of Bangkok. Very convenient just next to Big C and Central World! 

After we all checking in the hotel no time to waste and we took the BTS go to MBK shopping!! 

There is a couple of time I mia(missing in action) go away with the group cari makan sendiri in the MBK. I went to eat Japanese Ramen and it was nice!!! Love their white soup yummy yummy!!!

Wondering when we can have this type of Ramen here. 

Of coz the Gyoza also have to order too if not cannot complete the meal! 

After the Ramen I bring my friend go eat the Bird Nest at the 5 floor MBK there... this one bowl only 200baht cheap or not!!!

Spotted a new shop in the MBK selling this special make motorbike helmen! Prices are reasonable too!! Macam-Macam style and design ada here! 

After few hours walk in the MBK our legs very tired. Best thing to do with it is give them a nice foots massage. Oh was so nice and I almost fall asleep there! 

Is time to go... but wait let's check it out this first for a while!! There is a event outside MBK there celebrate the Earth Hour!!! It was perfect trip coming to Bangkok today....

I been to Bangkok many time but this is my first time I saw the city with no lights... Most of the building lights are switched off for one hours!! 

After the one hour no light in the Bangkok city I went to pray the Phra Phrom. Me every one year one time come Bangkok because of here!!! 

It was a hot night here too... so we get a nice and cold fresh juice on our way back hotel to rest!!! 
Tomorrow have to wake up early and go few more places!