Supper At Waterfront

Me really long time no eat supper maybe is the age reason late night cannot eat much and I also sleep early now so don't have much chance to eat supper loh.
But don't know why tonight suddenly I got mood to eat supper maybe is because tonight the weather very night and the sky so clear I bring my wife and kids go around and look a place to eat!
Drive here drive there last last we round at Bandar and spot a car park then we stop and Waterfront here and look for food! Honestly I don't expected I can find nice food here... for me this area the only food is nice are Soto and Satay!! Hehehe I was wrong again... that is 20 years ago lah. Now the restaurant here the food not bad oh... Got KB fried Kuih Teow, Seria Kolo mee macam-macam ada!
Best part about this place is there have a really awesome Kg.Air view!! At night got nothing to do can come here lepak-lepak hang around with good friends! 
Me and my family we eat at the Semporna Enak restaurant here. I look at the menu and I found one new food name and one my favorite food name which is Sibu fried mee and Kuching Laksa! 
Sibu Fried mee this is my first time I hear and I never try it so I order one, Kuching Laksa I just order siok siok only see nice or not!
FYI... both also can eat lah not bad! but of coz the kuching laksa cannot compare the real kuching's kuching laksa lah!
Come here food is not the Main Course lah.. the main course is the night view of Water Village!!
I feel very relax here looking at the Brunei river and watching my two kids playing around there...
Nice very nice play... Next week or school holiday I coming back here again with my family! 

Have you try the food here??

Sibu Fried Mee... 

The Kuching Laksa! 

Too bad my iPhone cannot take a nice picture of the Night Kg.Air!