Miri Also Have Sheng Rou Mian Now!

Wait first of all I let me show you their FB link HERE first and inside their FB you can find their contact and location so after you read my post about their SRM then you can go look for it where is that place! Actually the place is not hard to find one lah.. is located at the new build area further down at Miri town there the Marina Park City! 
Heard from the Miri people say this restaurant their SRM everyday many people go eat there one.. the place is always full. Yesterday I went down to Miri with my friend we went to try it out! 
The restaurant is at the corner of the shop lot. Look like Singapore old town shop there... and is semi open air. The table and deco feel like you back into 1950!
So how about the food?? 
I like it.... it give me I have another of choice another place to eat at Miri.. Not just every time 2020 eat the Kampua(kolomee) Business hour 6am-3pm
Ok.. so you know where to find eat on your next trip to Miri now? Hope you like it as well.