How To Cook Shao Rou 燒肉 Using Home Oven!!!

 I want to cook this Chinese BBQ pork long time already but never know that is was so no easy as what I see from youtube!!! 
I'm a person who want to make things to perfect. The video in the youtube kind a easy but I try and try and try... the taste and texture always not as good or same as what we eat from the restaurant one!!!
I do one time I disappointed  one time coz always not perfect... But I never give up and try.
I been try doing it 6 times still never success as what I want the skin and texture to be!
In a year I looking around, searching online and video see what is the secret formula to do it.
Now I finally know what is the key to open the door!
The 7th time I finally did it and the taste, the texture the skin and the crispy and crunchy sound of the skin.. yap that is what I talking about! 
I finally feel the success and can't wait let my family try it.. and they all also say good. After that I also cut few slice and let my friends try it.

  First of coz you have to find a fresh pork belly. I'm not recommended you try to the use the frozen buy from super market!  I been trying that too during the first to fifth time and it doesn't come as good as the fresh pork!
What I do first is to boil the skin for 2 minutes! Before I didn't boil it I just wash it and let it dry then I go for step two! I notice boil it the skin cooked more better than no boil!!!

 Step two is this....  poke the skin using the shape needle as much as better. I have this special tool is for making this Shao Rou. Bought it from Bangkok China Town. This tool cannot found here even at next door country also hard to kind too!! 
I poke the sink until I see every part of the pork skin also got hole then I got for the next step! 

Third step is to make the sauce to seasoning the belly! 
I put Wu Xian powder 五香粉, chinese shaoxing wine 紹興酒, pepper, soya sauce simple as that.

Step four this to rub the pork meat.. just only meat not the skin and then let it dry under the fan. If you don't have the time for that you can put in the refrigerator for few hour until the skin turn turn dry! 

Step five... cover the pork with aluminum foil paper only left the top skin use sea salt (big size) cover the top! then put in over 160'C for 1 hour.  This part is to cook the meat but don't want to cover cook the skin! 

  Then after one hour I move away the salt and apply the vinegar. This is a very important part. Vinegar is to making the skin to soft then after that but back to the over and this time the heat I put up to 250'C to burn the skin.  Every 25 minutes I take out again and apply the vinegar one time.
repeat few time until the skin like all turn brown and dark. In the over you'll see the skin start transform from smooth skin to a crispy and rough skin! Don't worry the skin get burn become black like a charcoal.. Is ok for that coz that is what we want!! Coz at the end we have to scratch the skin and remove the over durn part!
Now look that this... is this perfect cook!!!! Let it rest for 15 minutes and then you can cut and eat!!! Lovely to hear the crunchy sound when I cut it!

That it... this is the my Shao Rou using home oven to cook!!!! I hope you all try it once... I can do it so you also can too!!!
Check out the video below