Don't Throw Away Your Receipt

Two days ago I bring my kids go Toy R Us buy toys to them the reason is this few month they very good girls and also long time I no buy new toys for them to play. When I was a young boy and I'm the youngest one at home that is why I always play my brother's toys or borrow from friends. Now I become a father I cannot say no buy toy for my kids... coz toys is like a angels for them!!
So in the picture you see that is my daughter's new toys. Is a singing toys using the mic and sound come out from the speaker at the bottom. It has the button you press got people applause.
My 2nd daughter love it very much but unfortunately only play 1 day saja this morning the Microphone no voice out from the speaker now! So lauya man only tahan 1 this toy not cheap oh friends it cost me $69.95 oh don't play play!!
I want to bring back to exchange but I not sure can or not!! So I go looking back for the receipt luckily my daughter she keep it in the car if not jialat cannot exchange lo!! Normally I don't keep the receipt one no matter what I buy!
Then this is the first time I look at the TRS receipt then I realize it is so important that we must keep the receipt when every time we buy the toys there for or children! 
I just know buy saja and never bother go read they it say there... aiyo lucky no buang if not sayang lah my money only play one day saja the toy!! From today start I'll keep receipt and keep it until 21 days then baru buang!