Breaking News Is Not A Real News???

WalauEh.... Jialat lah like that a Breaking News is not a real news how come can like that oh??? What is this? early celebrate april fool ka??
Last night 10pm I was watching the Astro channel 509 CCTV News with my dad it report Breaking News said the Singapore former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew passed away of coz my first reaction was shock lah!! So I took a video about the news report and post in my IG and FB then I received some comments people say the news are fake!!!
I don't understand what fake??? Live oh..... tv news live breaking news also got fake one ka?? I know some news from social network like Whatsapps most of that are cannot be trusted one lah but this tv news also got fake?? WalauEh... jialat lah like that so what can we trust this day with the news!
Really jialat lah this times even CNN also kana tipu apa lagi we this kacang putih blogger!!!
I really feel sorry about that but is not my salah lah... I watch news live how I know is fake one leh! 

After this incident I suddenly question myself_ so how many world headline news out there are also fake that people using the Media to make up a story change the Black to White? I don't know why suddenly think of some world news a not real like MJ and Diana dead, Wars and terrorist attack!!!
I guess the Taiwan former president Chen Shui Bian corruption case, Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim case all this kind of news also got conspiracy someone behind it using the media to make the public to believe!!!
Dirty oh... dirty this game really dirty!!!