Brainless Cyclist

If this is other car driver I confirm the cyclist today go hospital already!!
This road is not for cycling and some more the cyclist doing it opposite direction with the incoming car!!
Lucky I drive slow and always aware accident anytime will happen to me so I enough time to save and move to right side if not I'll hit on this man! 
This morning my daughter said want to follow send the mother to work luckily I say no coz I want to meet up someone after sending my wife... if my daughter sit behind the car and I break like that for sure she will fall down from her baby sit! 
Cycling at the highway already dangerous... some how this cyclist is doing income with opposite car and ride in the middle of the road... really jialat lah! 
I really don't know what it he thinking about and why want to do like that! If I hit on this man later people see the accident and take photo share in the social network.. confirm the public think is my fault. And people sure say.... Oh TigerLim he was looking at his phone, talk with this phone.. checking Whatsapps and driving....Right right right!!!
So whatever lah... next time really don't ride like that anymore lah Ok!
And drivers also all time 2 hands on the steering oh don't play play...