Strike 2... Chicken Pox!

Last 2 weeks is my second daughter have chicken pox then yesterday is my first daughter she kana!!! If you say chicken pox will no spread one I don't believe. Always the second week start want to recover the time sure got another one kana if he/she haven't got chicken pox! 
Hopefully my this daughter she was that bad as like her sister until the lips also bangkak!!!
Yesterday the face only have few pox on face then today the body, back and neck also have. So far so good not the big big pox one.. just small small only! Old people say Chicken Pox will only pox in 3 days so have to see tomorrow how lah! 

Miri Also Have Sheng Rou Mian Now!

Wait first of all I let me show you their FB link HERE first and inside their FB you can find their contact and location so after you read my post about their SRM then you can go look for it where is that place! Actually the place is not hard to find one lah.. is located at the new build area further down at Miri town there the Marina Park City! 
Heard from the Miri people say this restaurant their SRM everyday many people go eat there one.. the place is always full. Yesterday I went down to Miri with my friend we went to try it out! 
The restaurant is at the corner of the shop lot. Look like Singapore old town shop there... and is semi open air. The table and deco feel like you back into 1950!
So how about the food?? 
I like it.... it give me I have another of choice another place to eat at Miri.. Not just every time 2020 eat the Kampua(kolomee) Business hour 6am-3pm
Ok.. so you know where to find eat on your next trip to Miri now? Hope you like it as well. 


Chevrolet Brunei with Manchester United Supporters Club Brunei last night hosted a gathering for the Battle of the Reds match between Manchester United and their main rival, Liverpool.

General Manager of Chevrolet Brunei, Noormala Othman, when interviewed said that it was a great opportunity to have the Manchester United Supporters Club Brunei to gather at the Chevrolet Showroom as it creates a good relationship between the two and to recognize that Chevrolet as the worldwide official sponsor for Manchester United team. The Manchester United Supporters Club Brunei cheered upon the Manchester United team, who was on their away match last night at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool. The Manchester United Supporters Club Brunei, lead by the president, Md Syazni bin Md Hadi came with more than 120 supporters to the Chevrolet Showroom at Sumbangsih Bahagia, Jalan Gadong from as early as 8pm.   

Prior to the match, the event kicked off with a quiz session about Chevrolet models in Brunei and Manchester United players and football activities. Foods and drinks were provided throughout the event with winners with the correct answers get to take away Chevrolet merchandises which also include five pieces of original Manchester United jerseys to the Top 5 winners. 

Chevrolet Brunei also took the opportunity to promote their second quarter campaign for Orlando and Captiva which will start from 1 April 2015 to 30 June 2015 to the Manchester United Supporters Club Brunei. Members of the MU Supporters Club Brunei are entitled for a $500 discount when they purchased any Chevrolet models on the match night ie 22 March 2015. Eventhough the promotion will only starts from 1 April 2015, members who purchased the 7-seater MPV, Chevrolet Orlando, they will walk away with FREE reverse sensor, reverse camera and headrest DVD. The promotion also involved the 7-seater SUV, the Chevrolet Captiva that comes with FREE reverse camera, headrest DVD and side steps. The announcement on this promotion will be done soon but for members of the Manchester United Supporters Club Brunei, they are able to enjoy the promotions earlier as long as they are registered members of the Manchester United Supporters Club Brunei.

Chevrolet Brunei has a comprehensive range of vehicles, including the 1.0LSpark, 1.4LSonic Hatchback and Sedan, 1.5L 7-seater Spin, 1.6L Cruze, 2.4L Captiva, 1.8L Orlando, 2.8LColorado and 2.8L Trailblazer. Chevrolet Brunei is committed to offering the best cars to its customers in terms of quality, performance and fuel economy.

Breaking News Is Not A Real News???

WalauEh.... Jialat lah like that a Breaking News is not a real news how come can like that oh??? What is this? early celebrate april fool ka??
Last night 10pm I was watching the Astro channel 509 CCTV News with my dad it report Breaking News said the Singapore former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew passed away of coz my first reaction was shock lah!! So I took a video about the news report and post in my IG and FB then I received some comments people say the news are fake!!!
I don't understand what fake??? Live oh..... tv news live breaking news also got fake one ka?? I know some news from social network like Whatsapps most of that are cannot be trusted one lah but this tv news also got fake?? WalauEh... jialat lah like that so what can we trust this day with the news!
Really jialat lah this times even CNN also kana tipu apa lagi we this kacang putih blogger!!!
I really feel sorry about that but is not my salah lah... I watch news live how I know is fake one leh! 

After this incident I suddenly question myself_ so how many world headline news out there are also fake that people using the Media to make up a story change the Black to White? I don't know why suddenly think of some world news a not real like MJ and Diana dead, Wars and terrorist attack!!!
I guess the Taiwan former president Chen Shui Bian corruption case, Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim case all this kind of news also got conspiracy someone behind it using the media to make the public to believe!!!
Dirty oh... dirty this game really dirty!!!

How To Cook Shao Rou 燒肉 Using Home Oven!!!

 I want to cook this Chinese BBQ pork long time already but never know that is was so no easy as what I see from youtube!!! 
I'm a person who want to make things to perfect. The video in the youtube kind a easy but I try and try and try... the taste and texture always not as good or same as what we eat from the restaurant one!!!
I do one time I disappointed  one time coz always not perfect... But I never give up and try.
I been try doing it 6 times still never success as what I want the skin and texture to be!
In a year I looking around, searching online and video see what is the secret formula to do it.
Now I finally know what is the key to open the door!
The 7th time I finally did it and the taste, the texture the skin and the crispy and crunchy sound of the skin.. yap that is what I talking about! 
I finally feel the success and can't wait let my family try it.. and they all also say good. After that I also cut few slice and let my friends try it.

  First of coz you have to find a fresh pork belly. I'm not recommended you try to the use the frozen buy from super market!  I been trying that too during the first to fifth time and it doesn't come as good as the fresh pork!
What I do first is to boil the skin for 2 minutes! Before I didn't boil it I just wash it and let it dry then I go for step two! I notice boil it the skin cooked more better than no boil!!!

 Step two is this....  poke the skin using the shape needle as much as better. I have this special tool is for making this Shao Rou. Bought it from Bangkok China Town. This tool cannot found here even at next door country also hard to kind too!! 
I poke the sink until I see every part of the pork skin also got hole then I got for the next step! 

Third step is to make the sauce to seasoning the belly! 
I put Wu Xian powder 五香粉, chinese shaoxing wine 紹興酒, pepper, soya sauce simple as that.

Step four this to rub the pork meat.. just only meat not the skin and then let it dry under the fan. If you don't have the time for that you can put in the refrigerator for few hour until the skin turn turn dry! 

Step five... cover the pork with aluminum foil paper only left the top skin use sea salt (big size) cover the top! then put in over 160'C for 1 hour.  This part is to cook the meat but don't want to cover cook the skin! 

  Then after one hour I move away the salt and apply the vinegar. This is a very important part. Vinegar is to making the skin to soft then after that but back to the over and this time the heat I put up to 250'C to burn the skin.  Every 25 minutes I take out again and apply the vinegar one time.
repeat few time until the skin like all turn brown and dark. In the over you'll see the skin start transform from smooth skin to a crispy and rough skin! Don't worry the skin get burn become black like a charcoal.. Is ok for that coz that is what we want!! Coz at the end we have to scratch the skin and remove the over durn part!
Now look that this... is this perfect cook!!!! Let it rest for 15 minutes and then you can cut and eat!!! Lovely to hear the crunchy sound when I cut it!

That it... this is the my Shao Rou using home oven to cook!!!! I hope you all try it once... I can do it so you also can too!!!
Check out the video below 

Chicken Pox Attack!!!!

How not to sakit hati when every parents see their children suffering with the Chicken Pox! Last time when I was a young boy see the classmate and friends kana the chicken pox we'll laugh at them, never think of it how suffering it was. Now I become a father and saw sendiri anak suffering with this I myself also feel pain. But this one chicken pox no choice one lah... everyone must go through once in the life time. Me got it when I was very very small I think also the same age like my daughter now. 

I guess now is the Chicken Pox season kali.... In my daughter class already got 6 children got it started from Chinese new year. My daughter first day like nothing happen but after the second day she feel itchy starting rub her back at the sofa and scratch her arms. Told her many time do not scratch but last last she also cannot tahan when we didn't see she start scratch again.
Today morning more jialat liao... I saw her lips bangka like kana punch aiyo kasian eh.. see her suffering and cry my heart also pain too. But today afternoon she felt a bit better and start makan already.. if not this 2 days morning till night time also don't feel like what to eat. 

People ask me why no give her injection that will no kana chicken pox for her. I asked some parents they say that injection only let the chicken pox no come out many ( not completely no kana chicken pox) and some parent say that injection only tahan for 10 years after some time have to inject again!!
That why I think better one time let my daughter kana one time lah better than next time when she grow up then got this chicken pox attack... by the time lagi jialat and maybe the mark lagi big!
At home got 4 kids now 3 more to go don't know who is the second one at home will kana!!
Aiya.. not kana also good lah.. coz school holiday is coming soon. Now got chicken pox better than later holiday kana it the whole holiday no enjoy and stay home saja!
Hope my 1st daughter she is the next who got chicken pox lah....  

 At night she sleep she cannot tahan automatic go scratch it  

Hearth Pain see her mouth like that... Now I understand why old people say "You wait one day become a parent will know how it feel" Now I can feel it.... 

Don't Throw Away Your Receipt

Two days ago I bring my kids go Toy R Us buy toys to them the reason is this few month they very good girls and also long time I no buy new toys for them to play. When I was a young boy and I'm the youngest one at home that is why I always play my brother's toys or borrow from friends. Now I become a father I cannot say no buy toy for my kids... coz toys is like a angels for them!!
So in the picture you see that is my daughter's new toys. Is a singing toys using the mic and sound come out from the speaker at the bottom. It has the button you press got people applause.
My 2nd daughter love it very much but unfortunately only play 1 day saja this morning the Microphone no voice out from the speaker now! So lauya man only tahan 1 this toy not cheap oh friends it cost me $69.95 oh don't play play!!
I want to bring back to exchange but I not sure can or not!! So I go looking back for the receipt luckily my daughter she keep it in the car if not jialat cannot exchange lo!! Normally I don't keep the receipt one no matter what I buy!
Then this is the first time I look at the TRS receipt then I realize it is so important that we must keep the receipt when every time we buy the toys there for or children! 
I just know buy saja and never bother go read they it say there... aiyo lucky no buang if not sayang lah my money only play one day saja the toy!! From today start I'll keep receipt and keep it until 21 days then baru buang! 

Supper At Waterfront

Me really long time no eat supper maybe is the age reason late night cannot eat much and I also sleep early now so don't have much chance to eat supper loh.
But don't know why tonight suddenly I got mood to eat supper maybe is because tonight the weather very night and the sky so clear I bring my wife and kids go around and look a place to eat!
Drive here drive there last last we round at Bandar and spot a car park then we stop and Waterfront here and look for food! Honestly I don't expected I can find nice food here... for me this area the only food is nice are Soto and Satay!! Hehehe I was wrong again... that is 20 years ago lah. Now the restaurant here the food not bad oh... Got KB fried Kuih Teow, Seria Kolo mee macam-macam ada!
Best part about this place is there have a really awesome Kg.Air view!! At night got nothing to do can come here lepak-lepak hang around with good friends! 
Me and my family we eat at the Semporna Enak restaurant here. I look at the menu and I found one new food name and one my favorite food name which is Sibu fried mee and Kuching Laksa! 
Sibu Fried mee this is my first time I hear and I never try it so I order one, Kuching Laksa I just order siok siok only see nice or not!
FYI... both also can eat lah not bad! but of coz the kuching laksa cannot compare the real kuching's kuching laksa lah!
Come here food is not the Main Course lah.. the main course is the night view of Water Village!!
I feel very relax here looking at the Brunei river and watching my two kids playing around there...
Nice very nice play... Next week or school holiday I coming back here again with my family! 

Have you try the food here??

Sibu Fried Mee... 

The Kuching Laksa! 

Too bad my iPhone cannot take a nice picture of the Night Kg.Air! 

Flying Kite

This few day the weather very good when evening come sure got wind. Suddenly feel want to play kite with my daughters and show them how to fly a kite. But this day want to buy the traditional kite not easy as last time, during my time we just got to Kampong Air every shop there also have. If want a good quality just booking with friends live at Kg Air already can. Now not anymore... want to find one also not easy... lucky we have social media and this can help me where to find.
Yesterday I post in my FB and IG ask where can I buy one.. Thanks to the reader and they told me one of the shop at Bandar near the SCR have so I went there and I found it and I bought 2 $2.00 each.
Honestly I'm not satisfied with the kite quality. It not as good as what we have last time. The bamboo not nice one... but never mind lah my mission is just want to show and play with my kids not want to have a Kite Fighting.
So Kite I have now the next thing is the string.... this is a bit hard to find lah. I went to many play also cannot find the No:8 string, I went to 1st Emporium and the lady told me that No:8 string no more selling long time already. This sound like people people here also long time no using that to fly Kite too. So last last I went to a Hardware shop buy a nylon string.
The whole after just go here and there... when I reach home everything is ready but too late the wind no friend me no give me a strong wind.... Aiya I have to wait for another day to play it again!

Help Looking For His Car!

Brainless Cyclist

If this is other car driver I confirm the cyclist today go hospital already!!
This road is not for cycling and some more the cyclist doing it opposite direction with the incoming car!!
Lucky I drive slow and always aware accident anytime will happen to me so I enough time to save and move to right side if not I'll hit on this man! 
This morning my daughter said want to follow send the mother to work luckily I say no coz I want to meet up someone after sending my wife... if my daughter sit behind the car and I break like that for sure she will fall down from her baby sit! 
Cycling at the highway already dangerous... some how this cyclist is doing income with opposite car and ride in the middle of the road... really jialat lah! 
I really don't know what it he thinking about and why want to do like that! If I hit on this man later people see the accident and take photo share in the social network.. confirm the public think is my fault. And people sure say.... Oh TigerLim he was looking at his phone, talk with this phone.. checking Whatsapps and driving....Right right right!!!
So whatever lah... next time really don't ride like that anymore lah Ok!
And drivers also all time 2 hands on the steering oh don't play play...