Vandalism At Rimba Playground

Confirm this is eat too full got nothing to do one!! Write this kind of words in the kids playground for sure is not a good boy a.k.a kurang ajar lah! 
Having such a nice facility for the communities and yet this kids not appreciated. 
This remind me of Michael Fay  back in 1994 sampai the news paper everyday report about this case and the U.S President also came out to help him say a few words but still last last Singapore PM no give face must rotan him!!
Boys... Uncle lim also samseng before with I was young but we samseng in the right way not doing this kind of stupid thing. This is not cool at all ok!!! 

Speechless right see this place go beautiful but some kampong boy brain got water came here and write this kind of things where. Some more everyday evening many parents bring their kids came here and play. If my kids ask me this sentence I really don't know how to answer them.
So hope some authorities can take action this and remove the artworks! 
this is where the playground at Kg. Rimba near the Bomba and Giant there!!!