Police Uniform

I don't know you received or forward this police speed trip message how many times in one day but me received it 6 times from different friends and group in the Whatsapp. Most of the time I received this kind of message I don't forward them coz I notice that most of it is not real. Don't know why people like to make this kind of hoaxes around the social networks. 
I'm not saying this message are fake but it just not belong here in out country lah. I notice that many people they cannot tell the Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore the traffic police uniform one. So now here I just do a little summarize 3 country traffic uniform. Three country traffic uniform actually look similar but still got little bit different one there... is very simple to identify just look at the caps and pants. First one on top is Brunei dark blur cap, clean and clear very smart looking one. Second is Malaysia dark brown pants with stripe. The last one is Singapore almost look like out Brunei one but their cap got checker stripe. So now can you tell the speed trip photo on the right one the two police is from which country??? Btw... we where got this type of bridge one see also know is not in Brunei lah!