Cannot Say Not Old Anymore!

This two year my eyes see things not as good as before anymore especially my left eye. Two years ago I still have sit in front my computer from 11pm till the sun come out. Now look at the monitor more than 2 hours start blur already. Recently more jialat... my left eye some time see near thing also blur.. far also blur. Is time I need to make a new glasses already. But now I temperately try to use this dot dot dot glasses which I bought it few years ago at Bangkok. Some say is good for eyes sight but some people try is and say useless. But me now use it is a bit better and my left eye can see better the text in my phone and monitor.. once take away back to blur lagi! 
So now at know I wear it if I look at the screen for more than 15 minutes!  
Aiya.. o choice liao lah... don't want to say old also cannot liao! 
Last year I do go check my eyes already and make new glasses but wear for few day my eyes degree become deferent again so no jadi make a new one again... better wait for the degree stop at one point then make one new again!