With the weak Japanese Yen, GHK are able to offer better deals to their customers.
In 2015 will take advantage of the weak Japanese Yen by offering better deals to the customer. For MY15 Mirage are giving $1600 discounts, on top of that there is another $500 discounts on the bodykit. Mitsubishi MY15 Attrage are also giving $1600 discounts and $1000 discounts on body kit. Attrage and Mirage are one of the most fuel efficienct cars in its class in Brunei. Both Attrage and Mirage are classifies as Eco car. In order to classified as Eco car, vehicles must have a CO2 emission of less than 130g/km which our Attrage and Mirage both have a CO2 emission of less than 120g/km.

Mitsubishi Lancer is always one of the favourite model among the Bruneian, Now giving $1000 discounts MY15 Lancer EX 1.6 which “Made in Japan” compare with other competitors.
Mitsubishi MY15 ASX, all round compact SUV equip with dual airbags, push start button, reverse camera, reverse sensor and many other features. Mitsubishi ASX won the “Best Value Compact SUV 2011” at the Wheels Magazine Gold Star Value Awards where they surpassed their rivalry in fuel economy, depreciation, safety and overall customer’s satisfaction. It has also won the “Best Local Assembled SUV” at Asian Auto Allianz Auto Industry Awards 2014. With all these, now are giving $2000 discounts on Mitsubishi MY15 ASX.

Not to forget Mitsubishi MPV Cars such as Starwagon which is 7 seaters MPV, L300, a 9 seaters MPV  and Delica D:5 a luxury 7 seaters MPV. Starwagon is an affordable MPV for small to medium family equip with Headrest Monitor so children can enjoy watching their favourite movie while on the journey. GHK Motors are now giving $2000 discounts for Starwagon.
L300 9 seaters is also an affordable MPV, suitable for small to medium company for transportation and delivery purposes due to the spacious of the interior cabin, it is very good for staff and goods transportation purpose. Mitsubishi L300 have just get more affordable which now giving a discounts of $3000.

Mitsubishi MY15 Delica D:5, a luxury 7 seaters MPV equip with Reverse Camera, Headrest Monitor and much more features. With the headrest monitor, childrens can enjoy watching their favourite movie while on their journey with the comfortable seats. Delica D:5 is now having a $4000 discounts.
Among all these, not forgetting SUV Segment, MY15 Pajero Sport which have 2WD & 4WD, both in automatic transmission are giving $4000 discounts on 4WD Leather Seat. Further more for Mitsubishi MY15 L200 have two models, 4WD 2.8L MT and 4WD 2.5L Turbo AT, for both models are giving $4000 discounts.

Customers can drop by to the Mitsubishi showroom or call us at 2423423 during working hours or follow Facebook page for more details.