Aiko & Taro Playhouse

Had you heard about this place Aiko & Taro Playhouse??? Come come come daddy and mommy follow I show you this good place for you kids a place for extra study place! 
Aiko and Taro Playhouse is located that the kiulap same simpang with the Lof/Macro Jaya there! And it just on top of the Samima BookStore not hard to find one lah.
This place is kinda unique loh.. is a playhouse also a learning station. They special train kids age from 4-6 years old or K2 to K3 kids to have a good habit of reading books! 
The concept of this place is let our children they love to take book and read. 

Aiko and Taro’s Playhouse aims to build reading habit in children
Are you having a problem with your kids spending too much time playing games and watching TV? Do you want your kids to read books on their own but they are not willing to do so?
Do you think reading to your children is important however you do not have the time to do so?
Aiko and Taro Playhouse can be of assistance to you. Below is what we have discovered during our visit to Aiko and Taro Playhouse:

What is the uniqueness of Aiko and Taro Playhouse?
They adopt the feel concept which incorporates right brain stimulation activities especially for kids from ages of 4 to 6 years old. The Playhouse’s main aim is to build a robust foundation on the reading ability of kids for them to better overcome future academic challenges in their natural ways.
Unlike other available playgroups in the market, Aiko and Taro Playhouse offers structured playgroup with progressive programmes to guide kids through each of the 3 important years of their right brain development period.

Why kids from ages of 4 to 6 years old?
Developing right brain or nurturing reading and language skills work best when children are at their early ages. Studies showed that the older the kids are, the more difficult it is for them to pick up right brain skills such as language, music and art. Kids at the ages of 4 to 6 have enormous brain development capacity, it is our responsibility as parents to capture this golden period of right brain development using the FEEL concept.

What is FEEL concept?
The FEEL concept is: Feed your kids with knowledge, Expose your kids to art and music, Encourage your kids to express themselves freely and Lead your kids to the world of reading.
At Aiko and Taro Playhouse, they'll expose your kids to 300 titles per year which is the start of a knowledge bank. This is achievable only with their abundance carefully selected resources.
Exposing art and music to children help in stimulating the right brain development and at the same time provides a creative, fun and harmonious way of learning.
Through Aiko and Taro Playhouse “I Love Drama” playgroup provide kids with the platform of expressing their creative and imaginative thinking, visualising situations, improving their social, linguistic and physical expression skills and spontaneous responses which are fundamental in building their self-confidence naturally.
Aiko and Taro Playhouse aim to nurture young readers. They believe that children who acquire a natural instinct of reading are able to build a stronger knowledge bank throughout their academic years which will continue to grow with them for the rest of their lives

What is the difference between right brain and left brain?
Aiko and Taro’s Playhouse programmes incorporate right brain development activities which aim to expand and exercise the creativity and instinctive nature of kids.
Education programs in general school focus on left brain development which allows them to learn through repetition and reason with organised information.
But when the right brain is included in the learning in school, there is a whole brain synergy which enhances kids’ total learning ability. Without the right brain mechanism, the left brain will not allow our kids to achieve their full learning potential.

Feel free to sign up for a free trial session for your kids by calling 8727898 or check out Aiko and Taro’s Playhouse at Unit 4, 1st Floor Block C, Bangunan BPD Hj Md Yusof, Kg Kiulap. No commitment unless you are satisfied that the playhouse will benefit your kids in the longer term. Kindly refer to the Aiko and Taro’s Playhouse Facebook page for direction to the location and other further information. Or you can follow their Facebook click here AikoAndTaroPlayhouse or instagram @aikoandtaro

Kids enjoy the story time in the class! 

 Time to play! 

I know my daughter she'll choose the Charlie and Lola book to read one! 

Is not hard to find one... just top on of the  kiulap Samima Bookstore upstair 

And you see this poster, go up first floor on the right!