GHK Mega Draw

GHK Motors Sdn Bhd recently hosted the much- awaited GHK Mega-Draw event at it’s head office in Beribi for all their customers who purchased GHK brand vehicles from 1st June 2014 till 31st January 2015. Customers who purchased Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge during the promotion period that run for eight months are entitled to win a semi-detached house, a Chevrolet Cruze, a Mitsubishi Mirage and many more attractive prizes.
Attended by more than 2,000 customers and family, this event marked another milestone for GHK Motors where a total of 1,190 cars under the GHK Group were successfully registered. The first five lucky winners for the third prize of a brand new Mitsubishi Mirage 1.2L (AT). The five lucky winners were then asked to pick up a key each with only one key that could open the box to the third-prize.

The second round of lucky winner is  a brand new Chevrolet Cruze 1.6L (AT) as the second winning prize in this GHK Mega-Draw.

The much awaited Grand Prize were selected by GHK Motors Managing Director, YB Pehin Kapitan Lela Diraja Dato Paduka Goh King
Chin whereby the last four lucky winners were hand-picked by Pehin with only ONE key that could open the box to a brand new Semi-D House.

The consolation prizes comprised of an iPad, iPhone6, Samsung phones, TV and cash vouchers were then picked up by the winners who failed to open the lucky boxes. It was such a dramatic and full of suspense as customers were all excited when their numbers were called. After the event, customers were ushered for light refreshments with sumptuous food being served outside the Mitsubishi showroom. It was a joyous and memorable occasions for GHK Group as it marked the end of one of the biggest promotions ever being held by GHK Group.  
The lucky winners are 
3rd Prize : A Mitsubishi Mirage 1.2L :  RAZMI BIN HAJI SAPAR / HAJI SAFAR
2nd Prize : A Chevrolet Cruze 1.6L :  MD SURDAHRI BIN HJ TAHAMID 
Grand Prize : A Semi-D House :  RAIHANA HJRAMLEE

Vandalism At Rimba Playground

Confirm this is eat too full got nothing to do one!! Write this kind of words in the kids playground for sure is not a good boy a.k.a kurang ajar lah! 
Having such a nice facility for the communities and yet this kids not appreciated. 
This remind me of Michael Fay  back in 1994 sampai the news paper everyday report about this case and the U.S President also came out to help him say a few words but still last last Singapore PM no give face must rotan him!!
Boys... Uncle lim also samseng before with I was young but we samseng in the right way not doing this kind of stupid thing. This is not cool at all ok!!! 

Speechless right see this place go beautiful but some kampong boy brain got water came here and write this kind of things where. Some more everyday evening many parents bring their kids came here and play. If my kids ask me this sentence I really don't know how to answer them.
So hope some authorities can take action this and remove the artworks! 
this is where the playground at Kg. Rimba near the Bomba and Giant there!!!

New Intake Start Now!!!

New intake for year 2015 now starts. Only limited to 6 kids per session. Only 40 seat left. Kids 4yrs old or in K2 are welcome to join our Little Reader Club. Young children need to be nurtured and trained to read. Feel free to make an appointment with AikoAndTaroPlayhouse to understand their Little Reader Club more.

Aiko & Taro Playhouse

Had you heard about this place Aiko & Taro Playhouse??? Come come come daddy and mommy follow I show you this good place for you kids a place for extra study place! 
Aiko and Taro Playhouse is located that the kiulap same simpang with the Lof/Macro Jaya there! And it just on top of the Samima BookStore not hard to find one lah.
This place is kinda unique loh.. is a playhouse also a learning station. They special train kids age from 4-6 years old or K2 to K3 kids to have a good habit of reading books! 
The concept of this place is let our children they love to take book and read. 

Aiko and Taro’s Playhouse aims to build reading habit in children
Are you having a problem with your kids spending too much time playing games and watching TV? Do you want your kids to read books on their own but they are not willing to do so?
Do you think reading to your children is important however you do not have the time to do so?
Aiko and Taro Playhouse can be of assistance to you. Below is what we have discovered during our visit to Aiko and Taro Playhouse:

What is the uniqueness of Aiko and Taro Playhouse?
They adopt the feel concept which incorporates right brain stimulation activities especially for kids from ages of 4 to 6 years old. The Playhouse’s main aim is to build a robust foundation on the reading ability of kids for them to better overcome future academic challenges in their natural ways.
Unlike other available playgroups in the market, Aiko and Taro Playhouse offers structured playgroup with progressive programmes to guide kids through each of the 3 important years of their right brain development period.

Why kids from ages of 4 to 6 years old?
Developing right brain or nurturing reading and language skills work best when children are at their early ages. Studies showed that the older the kids are, the more difficult it is for them to pick up right brain skills such as language, music and art. Kids at the ages of 4 to 6 have enormous brain development capacity, it is our responsibility as parents to capture this golden period of right brain development using the FEEL concept.

What is FEEL concept?
The FEEL concept is: Feed your kids with knowledge, Expose your kids to art and music, Encourage your kids to express themselves freely and Lead your kids to the world of reading.
At Aiko and Taro Playhouse, they'll expose your kids to 300 titles per year which is the start of a knowledge bank. This is achievable only with their abundance carefully selected resources.
Exposing art and music to children help in stimulating the right brain development and at the same time provides a creative, fun and harmonious way of learning.
Through Aiko and Taro Playhouse “I Love Drama” playgroup provide kids with the platform of expressing their creative and imaginative thinking, visualising situations, improving their social, linguistic and physical expression skills and spontaneous responses which are fundamental in building their self-confidence naturally.
Aiko and Taro Playhouse aim to nurture young readers. They believe that children who acquire a natural instinct of reading are able to build a stronger knowledge bank throughout their academic years which will continue to grow with them for the rest of their lives

What is the difference between right brain and left brain?
Aiko and Taro’s Playhouse programmes incorporate right brain development activities which aim to expand and exercise the creativity and instinctive nature of kids.
Education programs in general school focus on left brain development which allows them to learn through repetition and reason with organised information.
But when the right brain is included in the learning in school, there is a whole brain synergy which enhances kids’ total learning ability. Without the right brain mechanism, the left brain will not allow our kids to achieve their full learning potential.

Feel free to sign up for a free trial session for your kids by calling 8727898 or check out Aiko and Taro’s Playhouse at Unit 4, 1st Floor Block C, Bangunan BPD Hj Md Yusof, Kg Kiulap. No commitment unless you are satisfied that the playhouse will benefit your kids in the longer term. Kindly refer to the Aiko and Taro’s Playhouse Facebook page for direction to the location and other further information. Or you can follow their Facebook click here AikoAndTaroPlayhouse or instagram @aikoandtaro

Kids enjoy the story time in the class! 

 Time to play! 

I know my daughter she'll choose the Charlie and Lola book to read one! 

Is not hard to find one... just top on of the  kiulap Samima Bookstore upstair 

And you see this poster, go up first floor on the right! 

Too Much Over Time Bird

I was walking into a bakery shop to buy bread with my wife last night at kiulap. We were discuss what to buy for our kids and bring to the school to eat so when I looking into their cake section and I saw this weird angry bird cake. I used to love play the Angry Bird game in my phone so I know how the birds looks like. But this blue bird is something wrong with his eyes that's why it catch to pay attention with it. Isn't it is a fail bird?? I was like thinking what the hell is going on with this eyes?? lol look like the bird really having a hard time with this job every night need to stay back over time!!! 


Mitsubishi Attrage and Mirage are one of the most fuel efficient car in its class. In order to classify as eco car, vehicles must have a CO2 emission of less than 130g/km to which the Mitsubishi Attrage and Mirage has a CO2 emission of less than 120g/km. Attrage and Mirage are environmental friendly and fuel efficiency cars.
There are five reasons which you should buy Mitsubishi MY15 Attrage and MY15 Mirage from now until 31st March 2015. Firstly, Attrage and Mirage are classified as one of the fuel efficient car in its class. Secondly, GHK Motors are now giving BIG PROMOTION for Attrage and Mirage.
Third, Customers will get $100 Petrol Voucher when they purchase Attrage or Mirage within this period. Fourth, we will be giving special promotions on bodykits, which there is a discount of $1000 for Attrage bodykit and $500 discount for Mirage bodykit. Last but not least, customers who purchase Attrage and Mirage in this period, will be able to win exciting prizes in our monthly lucky draw, which grand prize are Holiday Vacation Packages for two to Singapore, second prize are Holiday Vacation Packages for two in Kuala Lumpur and third prize are Holiday Vacation Packages for two in Jakarta.
There will be two draws for the prizes which mean double chances to win. The first draw will held on 6th March 2015 and second draw will be held on 6th April 2015. Customers can drop by to the Mitsubishi showroom or call us at 2423423 during working hours or follow us on our Facebook page for more details.


With the weak Japanese Yen, GHK are able to offer better deals to their customers.
In 2015 will take advantage of the weak Japanese Yen by offering better deals to the customer. For MY15 Mirage are giving $1600 discounts, on top of that there is another $500 discounts on the bodykit. Mitsubishi MY15 Attrage are also giving $1600 discounts and $1000 discounts on body kit. Attrage and Mirage are one of the most fuel efficienct cars in its class in Brunei. Both Attrage and Mirage are classifies as Eco car. In order to classified as Eco car, vehicles must have a CO2 emission of less than 130g/km which our Attrage and Mirage both have a CO2 emission of less than 120g/km.

Mitsubishi Lancer is always one of the favourite model among the Bruneian, Now giving $1000 discounts MY15 Lancer EX 1.6 which “Made in Japan” compare with other competitors.
Mitsubishi MY15 ASX, all round compact SUV equip with dual airbags, push start button, reverse camera, reverse sensor and many other features. Mitsubishi ASX won the “Best Value Compact SUV 2011” at the Wheels Magazine Gold Star Value Awards where they surpassed their rivalry in fuel economy, depreciation, safety and overall customer’s satisfaction. It has also won the “Best Local Assembled SUV” at Asian Auto Allianz Auto Industry Awards 2014. With all these, now are giving $2000 discounts on Mitsubishi MY15 ASX.

Not to forget Mitsubishi MPV Cars such as Starwagon which is 7 seaters MPV, L300, a 9 seaters MPV  and Delica D:5 a luxury 7 seaters MPV. Starwagon is an affordable MPV for small to medium family equip with Headrest Monitor so children can enjoy watching their favourite movie while on the journey. GHK Motors are now giving $2000 discounts for Starwagon.
L300 9 seaters is also an affordable MPV, suitable for small to medium company for transportation and delivery purposes due to the spacious of the interior cabin, it is very good for staff and goods transportation purpose. Mitsubishi L300 have just get more affordable which now giving a discounts of $3000.

Mitsubishi MY15 Delica D:5, a luxury 7 seaters MPV equip with Reverse Camera, Headrest Monitor and much more features. With the headrest monitor, childrens can enjoy watching their favourite movie while on their journey with the comfortable seats. Delica D:5 is now having a $4000 discounts.
Among all these, not forgetting SUV Segment, MY15 Pajero Sport which have 2WD & 4WD, both in automatic transmission are giving $4000 discounts on 4WD Leather Seat. Further more for Mitsubishi MY15 L200 have two models, 4WD 2.8L MT and 4WD 2.5L Turbo AT, for both models are giving $4000 discounts.

Customers can drop by to the Mitsubishi showroom or call us at 2423423 during working hours or follow Facebook page for more details.


To welcome the year 2015, Concepts Computer will be launching a new brand awareness campaign by providing new company vehicles with advertising artwork.

When asked regarding the new brand awareness campaign and new vehicle additions, Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer, said, “Concepts Computer is currently going forward into 2015 by adding more value to our company as a whole by providing better and faster delivery of goods from our stores to our customers locations, and also by providing speedier and more timely onsite service.” He continued, “Speed is not only an important issue for us, but safety as well, and by adding two new vehicles, the burden of work can be shared equally.” When asked regarding how the new vehicles will affect customers directly, “We hope to build more confidence with our customer base and hopefully they will see this as a sign that we greatly appreciate their loyalty to us. And we also hope to add more vehicles in the near future.”

Also present during the launch event, Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive at Concepts Computer, he added, “We are also taking a forward step in 2015 by expanding brand awareness for the multitude of brands that we carry. Not only are we adding the new vehicles for the good of our customers, but it is also a great platform for brand awareness. This way, new customers can be familiar with the brands and products that we carry, and makes it easier for them to make the right choices in IT.”

For more information, please call 2233551, 2233552 or 2233553, or visit your nearest Concepts Computer retail outlet.

Police Uniform

I don't know you received or forward this police speed trip message how many times in one day but me received it 6 times from different friends and group in the Whatsapp. Most of the time I received this kind of message I don't forward them coz I notice that most of it is not real. Don't know why people like to make this kind of hoaxes around the social networks. 
I'm not saying this message are fake but it just not belong here in out country lah. I notice that many people they cannot tell the Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore the traffic police uniform one. So now here I just do a little summarize 3 country traffic uniform. Three country traffic uniform actually look similar but still got little bit different one there... is very simple to identify just look at the caps and pants. First one on top is Brunei dark blur cap, clean and clear very smart looking one. Second is Malaysia dark brown pants with stripe. The last one is Singapore almost look like out Brunei one but their cap got checker stripe. So now can you tell the speed trip photo on the right one the two police is from which country??? Btw... we where got this type of bridge one see also know is not in Brunei lah! 

Ford S-MAX and Fiesta Voted UK Business Car Favourites

Ford Fiesta and Ford S-MAX have both been honoured in this year’s BusinessCar Awards.

The stylish and sporty Ford S-MAX tightened its grip on the award for Best Multi-Purpose Vehicle – held since 2008.  Ford Fiesta, the UK’s top-selling car, took BusinessCar’s Supermini of the Year prize.

The only awards decided by fleet managers themselves, the BusinessCar honours are highly prized within the industry and underline Ford’s popularity among fleets.

Ford S-MAX– has enjoyed a remarkable run of success both in the annual BusinessCar Awards and combined fleet and retail market, reaching over 82,000 UK registrations since its 2006 debut.

Paul Barker, BusinessCar editor, said:  “Ford’s S-MAX has been a class apart since launch, bringing people-carrying practicality without boxy people-carrying looks. Though this generation is soon to be replaced by an even classier new model, it is going out with a bang and still looks great compared to rivals.”

The Ford Fiesta earned its Best Supermini honour because it is “high on quality as well as quantity”.  Paul Barker added:  “Driving enjoyment, efficiency, good running costs and clever technology all combine to make it a popular choice. Our readers – the people choosing these models for their business – have picked the Fiesta as their favourite mainstream supermini, and that’s testament to the car’s all-round ability.”

Ford of Britain fleet director Nick Themistocleous, said:  “The seven-seat coupé that is the Ford S-MAX deserves its superb run of success in the BusinessCar Awards and its 2015 replacement will enjoy an equally positive response from readers.  Ford Fiesta adds another significant accolade to its vast collection of honours.”

Cannot Say Not Old Anymore!

This two year my eyes see things not as good as before anymore especially my left eye. Two years ago I still have sit in front my computer from 11pm till the sun come out. Now look at the monitor more than 2 hours start blur already. Recently more jialat... my left eye some time see near thing also blur.. far also blur. Is time I need to make a new glasses already. But now I temperately try to use this dot dot dot glasses which I bought it few years ago at Bangkok. Some say is good for eyes sight but some people try is and say useless. But me now use it is a bit better and my left eye can see better the text in my phone and monitor.. once take away back to blur lagi! 
So now at know I wear it if I look at the screen for more than 15 minutes!  
Aiya.. o choice liao lah... don't want to say old also cannot liao! 
Last year I do go check my eyes already and make new glasses but wear for few day my eyes degree become deferent again so no jadi make a new one again... better wait for the degree stop at one point then make one new again!

Rare Sign In Town

Hey... last weekend I went to my friend's shop for chit chat then tea time we walk to a restaurant just a few block away. We sit down outside the restaurant and order their Roti Telur (my firend told me the roti is nice) At first I want to share their roti to you all but when I saw their sign stick outside on their window I found more interesting to share more than their roti lah!!
This is a sign which very rare can see in town here.
Which telling the customers do not allow to bring outside foods and  drinks especially alcohol drink!!
Rare right.... I really never see got sign like that, We all know here don't have selling or serve alcohol many many years ago and non-muslim only can drink at own house! Some how this is not a chinese restaurant... if is a non halal restaurant I can understand lah but here why??