Paper Wars

Long long time ago someone had invented this we love to play it at school. I don't know what is this game call so now I name it paper war! Back in the 80's this is also one of our childhood game beside the guli. tikam or rubber seed! During that time we don't have much tv game, only for those are rich their parent bought them Atari we are just standing outside their house and see them playing from the window! 
So talk about games we have to create ourself lah. Once it created and it will started popular in the school and most of the game are for boys. Even a pair of slipper also can become a game!!! 
Nowadays the games for kids mostly are apps and I feel that is meaningless like the Pirate King I really don't know what is fun with that! 
Now is time for me to teach my kids what we have play with a piece of paper and a pencil. I think I have a mission to pass it down the game for my next generation shouldn't let it go!!
So I show my daughter how to play with this Paper War. I show her how to take a piece of paper from the middle of the text book. then both side we draw 3 circle that as our warship. then start from the circle we push the pencil out and mark the last draw if the pencil it goes! Then see how and reach to the other side and hit the ship. The first who hit the other ship is the winner!!!
Is a simple game but is fun... of coz I can play better than my daughter lah. I can tell bt her face she as not happy that gonna lost the game as I pretending play lost for her and let her win!!!
There are so much more fun game we had last time... some of it I don't remember how to play!