Noralizah & Iskandar House of Curry

I heard a lot of times from my friends and different people they told me this place if you want to eat their roti you have to wait.... Not wait for the foods oh!!! Is wait for a seat....  coz many people go there and eat their Roti and the queue some time have to wait for 45 minutes!!
I don't believe and is very hard to make me believe too... There is no way a restaurant in town and make people die die must eat and willing to wait for a seat for 45 minutes!!! So far I know see people wait for seat to eat is Excapade and Kaisen only!!! Where got people eat roti also wait for seat one!
I don't believe lah... so yesterday I went to this restaurant at Lambak just next to the KFC and I saw people really wait and queue at outside for seats!!!!
This Noralizah & Iskandar House of Curry make my eyes and mouth open and lagging for 3 seconds. I tot I see it again people queue at Mcd for the Minions toys!! In my head I have a big words of saying "NO WAY........."
Is true... I cannot lie to myself anymore is real!!!
So I no jadi to wait like them, I turn away and go back home!! But today me and couples of friends go there again and try their foods. But today we choose after 1pm go. Normally this is after lunch hour shouldn't be got that much people. But I was wrong again... although there is no more queue but it was a full house! Lucky one of my friend when there early and he managed to get a big table so I reach there not need to wait. but after I start eat my Roti I see the door start people got people wait the seat again. Wah.. this owner his business really good lah! From morning open until 10pm I wonder one day how many pieces of Roti they can sell... mmm must be a very good profit lah. FYI the roti kosong is not cheap oh $1.70 per piece don't play play but still many people eat!!
What is the magic that still people willing to pay such a prices for a Roti Kosong.... I don't understand after I eat I told myself I want to come again!! It was so delicious....... Honestly I voted their Roti Kosong is the Best Roti Kosong in town!!!
The Roti is the most crispy I ever had in town here.... the curry sauce is come with one piece of chicken. If you want some more and special one which is come with their condiments $3.50 the staff come serve you with 4 different yummy yummy dish you pick what you like and much you wish!!
I picked the sardine fish, corned beef and acar!! Thumbs up lah Bruthers....really nice! I finish is all then I just realize I forget about my curry sauce and chicken is still there!!!
Then we also order their famous Curry Fish head $25.00 for 4-5 person eat. Good suitable for a small family to eat lah and kid also can eat coz not too spicy!! If for my family eat I think I have to tapao 2 potion baru enough!! hehehe sorry me and my family size a bigger than a normal side lah that is why I don't think is enough for me although is for 4-5 person eat! For me is 3 person eat saja! 

If you haven't try eat here I strongly recommended you try once... must once but not at Breakfast or Lunch hour lah coz the queue is too long lah. If you can wait Ok lah sorry me cannot!!
Next I go I mush bring my wife... If not I think she will not taking with me for one week oh!!

Is not hard to find this place... just next to the Lambak traffic lights!

People always say this place is forever full house.. Is real! 

The Menu!! 

It say until 7pm only oh!!!! after that don't have sudah!! 

Honestly I think the prices is fair!!! The foods is worth to pay for that prices! 

The magic began from here once your first bite!

No tipu you... is come with one piece of chicken in the curry sauce!!

Oh no!!!!! I didn't managed to take the Sardine and Corned Beef just only this Acar!!! I tot I did take the photo!!!
aiya... sorry I was busy to eat and forget about it after I come back and update the post just realize I didn't take the photo!! Sorry sorry....

This is their signature dish Curry Fish Head!!