Love is Colorless

Another day another raining day in the morning... today is the 3 days back to school but unlucky my tow little girls both also not going to school coz both so coughing so didn't let them go to school lah and also I don't because of them later spread the virus in their class too. So today I bring them both together send my wife to work lah. After sending my wife to work then we went to buy fuel at Jerudong there!
But there is a something not daily we see on the road today which is a old lady walking at the middle of the road heading to the Jerudong fish market!!
I was shock to see that old lady walking alone there and she was using her hand bag as a umbrella to cover herself. My elder daughter asking me why the grandma walking there papa?
I told her I don't know but come we go help her! After I done with my refuel I park my car aside then I bring 2 umbrella, I was plan to give her my umbrella and see what I can help her!!
Then I cross the road and give her my umbrella she refused to take so...
At that moment I know there is something wrong with the old lady! Coz I saw her face got bruising mark under the left face and her T-shirt also got few blood mark and she is not wearing shoes too!!! She look like just take her bag and walk out from her house!!! I asked her where she want to go she told me she want to go to the Jerudong market. I try convincing her to follow my car I can bring her there but she refuse again. I have no choice I go back to my car and make a phone call 993 to report there is a old lady like that like that walking in the middle of the road.
After that I drive my car to follow her and park my car just right after the U-turn there to monitor and wait or the police to come. There is few time she want to cross the road but too many incoming cars... At the moment I know is another good timing to help her again so I went to help her to cross the road. Thanks for the some drivers see me coming and they all stop the car for me! I hold her hand to cross the road slowly. when I hold her hand that feeling make me remind me of my grand mother!! It was so warm and soft but when I saw the t-shirt with blood I feel my tears wanted to fall. I ask her why she want to go market there she say looking for this son. 
I ask her why her shirt got blood she just silence and not talking to me anymore. I told her to take my umbrella and she don't want keep slowly walk to the market!
Then I go back to my car my daughter started her million question... why this why that!!!
I went to make a U turn again at the road side near the market see her coming then I got time to explain to my daughter why this why that!! But at that moment I saw a car coming by to the old lady and talk to her. At that moment I feel that they maybe know this old lady. They also asking her to come in the car but she refused lo. 
I went to ask the car driver and passenger do they know this old lady and they say yes. So I feel must better and let them handle it and I go back home coz my daughter also is time to take medicine!
I still don't know what is the story about why she walking like that no shoe and with blood on the shirt!! I feel so kasian to her but I do what I can do today! She make me miss my grandma today.
Please love the Old one and taking care of them... One day we all will old also I told my daughters so we have to love them. Today I give my kids a very good class to learn hope they know what is Love!!