Limbang Flooded Update

A lot of people here are concert about the recently flooded which on the way to Limbang road there! 
Because of that many people cannot go back limbang, Temburong and Sabah. Same thing from there also can come to Brunei! Some of the Bruneian just leave their car at Temburong and use boat come back Bandar! But for some unlucky people their car are drowned at the road side!!! 
Yesterday the water started reverse back condition are getting better now. So today some people are try to passing through, but most of the car are those 4wd. If want to use the saloon car also can but better be careful. I think better wait for few more days lah better don't take the rise... later jam alamak sakit kepala lah! 
Today the H.E.A.R.T team and the volunteers they sending some emergency goods and foods for the flooded victims. There are about 409 people their home kana flooded... eh quite jialat oh don't play play!! At the moment they temperately stay at the  Pusat Pemindahan Banjir Dewan Kg. Bidang. Now hopefully the water can go down faster lah... if continue like that there are few more problem are going to facing. Most jialat one is worry the denggi nyamok!!! So let hope they can go back some as soon as posible!! 

 One of the Brunei car pulling out from the water!! 

Helicopter landed at the Kuala Lurah border!