First Day School 2015

Finally no more school holiday and everyone back to school today. Not just the our kids.. we adult also back to work too. Today the road back to the normal day which is jam here and jam there! 
This will be my first post 2015 in my blog here... I few like long time no typing liao.. the finger also feel like rusty here. But is true the public holiday is a bit long already.. If got go out of coz happy lah but me and my wife year end foe sure cannot go out one coz no leave! Wanna go near near like Miri or Limbang also scary coz I saw the jam like a dragon that long chop passport also have to wait for few hours!
So today is the Back To School.. my second baby also 3 years plus already so today also is her First Day School. Feel so touching to see her grow up so fast and now already start go to school!
She was very excited to go school today, early morning already get ready to go but unfortunately her first day school also Late too..hehehe What to do first day guaranty jam one and is really bad!
All the kindergarten parent have to park their car and send their kids and pay school fees.
As usual lah... most of the parents after paid the fees then they can bring their kids home. coz there are no class one... 
One thing today is really rare to see which is I don't see kids crying!!! Very year the first day school at K1 in the class for sure there are few kids crying one.. but this year don't have! But tomorrow sure got someone cry one!! Hopefully my second daughter she did not kana the virus follow the other cry lah if not I start headache loh!!!