Concepts Computer and MARS Enterprise signed MoU as Strategic Alliance

MoU for Strategic Alliance has been signed between Concepts Computer, one of the Country’s biggest computer distributors/retailers in Brunei Darussalam and MARS Enterprise, a software house known as Made in Brunei, Developed Internationally. The New Alliance is trying to explore a new dimension for IT development under special advantages and conditions of Negara Brunei Darussalam.

Concepts Computer is authorized distributors for Acer, Epson and many other international brands of IT related products in Brunei. Is well-known and famous in its management, creative, innovative and effective way of promoting their products, solution and services, whereas MARS Enterprise, the first Brunei software house who won the Champion title in Logistic and Supplies Chain Category during APICTA(Asia Pacific ICT Award) competition held in Melbourne, Australia 2009, and is one of the local software house having records of exporting "MADE IN BRUNEI" to Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Laos.

Aware of the strength of MARS Enterprise in developing a full-fledged Business Software Package (ERP) with International Standard, AITI is promoting SET scheme to encourage Brunei SME to use Brunei own-made MAP (MARS ACCOUNTING PACKAGE) and subsidize up to 80%

Computer hardware including Server, Desktop, Note Book, Printer, other peripherals and after sales services. Software including OS (such as Windows), Office Application Package(such as MS Office) and other general and niche application software including Education Software and one-stop Business Solution: ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning). Of course, in this exercise we also can't ignore out the common knowledge of development of hardware, internet, and mobile globally.

Most of the IT vendors in Brunei only focus on selling hardware, and software (business application package) normally rely 100% on imports. As a matter of fact, Brunei should overwhelm its neighbors in developing its own software solution due to the natural advantages of the country and "gift" from the cyber era which breaks the barrier of boundary and time gaps and enable anyone to unify the whole world within seconds. 

MARS Enterprise spent years in Supplying Software solution locally & globally - to private and government sectors, SME and international corporations including KPN/Wilmar Group, now the world's largest Palm Oil Producer and Exporter. 

Furthermore, as a pure Bruneian local software house with 100% local software developers, MARS Enterprise is able to win champion in international software competitions. It proved that Brunei has the talent to provide and export software solution rather than import only. The SET project of AITI further strengthens this vision.

“While materializing the vision of "Brunei Software Export", it is a natural thought to seek a strong & reputable strategic partner locally, and Concepts Computer is the first choice because of its innovative marketing and service concept.”  Mr Foo said during the interview.

“What actually is behind the MoU of Strategic Partner between Concepts Computer and MARS Enterprise?

This New Alliance means the merging of two mainstreams of hardware and software in IT Industry, it won't be 1+1=2, it is 1+1=Infinity.” He said.

In providing Business solution package, the New Alliance will join hand and provide much more practical and professional system analysis, enable the user to choose the most suitable and price-effective solution in both Hardware and software together with much more efficient after sales services. Moreover, the New Alliance can bridge the international connections for local business body through internet.

Of course during the R&D, the New Alliance can't rule out development in e-commerce, cloud and mobile Apps.

As a contribution to National IT development, the New Alliance will provide latest message for latest development and direction of worldwide IT Industry, both hardware and software, to make known to the public the functionality, availability, practicality of latest IT solution and channel to achieve, at the same time connecting the world.

This will not only extend a new dimension of Brunei IT Development, but also create a lot of win-win and win-win-win after sharing human resource, business strategies, business channel and business connection between the New Alliance. Furthermore, it will help in getting regional agencies for world famous products and at the same time  proceed to provide Made in Brunei solution to Brunei e-Government.

In short, the New Alliance will bring a tremendous force to push forwards and catalyze R&D, professionalism, practicality and overall IT reform in Brunei, it is expected to be beneficial to both private and government Sectors.