Buaya Reached One Million In Facebook

Wow.... this is really cool long time no making video already last Thursday 15/01/15 afternoon at school pick up my daughters make a video did't expected in 4 days time got 4400 times of sharing 381,500 views and it reached to 1,293,000 people in the Facebook and 640 comments!!! 
I checked the viewers it not only from Brunei it also spread to Singapore, West and East Malaysia, Indonesia... some people even tot my video is from Malaysia!!! I really didn't like this also can goes viral.... long time my video no like that liao!! Looks like this is my expert lay..hehehehe

I read all the comments people wrote and I notice that many people didn't get my joke... and they have to watch it 2 or 3 time then just realise the buaya is the Croc shoes!! Sorry for that if I making you all blur  and lagging to catch my joke!!!
Ok la next time I try to make the joke more easily to understand one la...
 I'm not sure this video can reach who many views but I don't think it can beat my classic video which is the Auntie parking!!! But hopefully can hit half a million lah!!!
If you haven't watch the video... click on the image or maybe just watch another one time!! Enjoy and have a wonderful Monday!