Allow 2 Persons And No More Kids

Now with the new building for Mama and the baby no more like last time you can suka suka hati whole family masuk visiting anymore!! It has a new strict rules now for the visitors, Only 2 person in one time enter the room and kids below 12 are not allow to enter go see the baby!!
I know for some people may not like the new rules lah but no choice lah have to accept it lah. Btw hospital is not a play ground why want to bring the kids go there right! 
If the children want want to see their mother and new sister/brother sorry have to wait until them balik kampong then can see! 
I also just know about this new rules one... If my wife's cousin she not giving birth I also don't know about it... maybe have to wait me got 3 kids then I baru know!!

Is good also like that restricted some number of visitor and kid visit the place can give the mother and kids for a good rest! not like last time I remember my first baby born the next bed her whole family more than 20 people visit wah the wad become very crowed lah look like in fish market there! 
Now I think this kind of scene will no more appear again in this new building anymore! 
So you guys remember oh... if you have some friends or relative got new born baby here don't bring you kids who below 12 oh.. or else they have to wait outside already!