Ten Years Ago Today!!!

Ten years ago this is what I was doing... Me still working at Empire Hotel and we are setting up Sound System and Lighting for the countdown.
Everyday set up from day time to night continue for 2 weeks. We have to complete it before the Christmas. Which we did it but unfortunately the countdown never happen.  
 I never forget this day coz the Tsunami strike during the Boxing Day Indonesia was the hardest-hit country, followed by Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand.
When I hear this new i still believe that it was real... and we start heard that the countdown has to be cancel. Me and all the team still hoping the countdown not gonna be cancel. We still continue doing our work until the 30th December finally we heard is a "NO" then we stop and putting down our tools!
The reason not happening the countdown is for pay respect for the victims at the disaster. 
No countdown me also got nothing to do.... used to it every year countdown I was very busy work... People enjoy the Christmas and New Year Eve, we all see people happy and enjoy. That year finally I can relax do nothing and countdown with my niece at Kg. Mentiri!!!
Now look back my photo... feel time fly really fast. Just like that already 10 years go and my niece she also got her driving license too!

This is the photo during the time we do the set up... for sure many people never see how is the 2004 NYE countdown set up look at that time!!! Now I share my 10 years ago memories with you all. Do you still remember what you do at that day??

 This is where the sound and light control stage!! Not all the people can come here only the specialist people like can come hehehe. Fyi this is the best place to view the whole show!

 Team set up for the giant screen!

 View from the stage!!!

 This is the time at night we can test and setting the lighting and sound!!

 He suppose to sing and perform at the countdown.... too bad no chance to see he sing but lucky can take photo with Gareth Gates!!

 The AV Specialist team group photo after we took down all the lights and speakers.
Wow.. I so slim that time handsome right...hehehe

The Balloons drop... unfortunately it never drop and the prize inside the balloons never giving away!