Nissan Almera Eco 2000 Drive Challenge (Day 5) Last Day

Today will be the last day of the trip. We have to go 560km back home so is another tough day. This also telling use the car must be tough too but most important is the drivers how to control the driving way not to let the car consumption more fuel... this is the last day already so all the contesters must fight back and get the best result!
After this trip I experience that driving on the way from Sibu to Miri or Miri to Sibu is not a easy join. You must be very be careful and aware coz on the road you never expected what do they have in from of you or what coming from behind of you! Some how the (sorry to say this) the Sarawak road not as good as like us one. At some area the road very bad one.. you have to avoid the holes and drive like a pro!! On the way back to Miri I saw a truck lying down on the road side and sleep there. Trucks with full loaded log drive can drive as fast as like our speed! A driver drunk at the middle of a hot sun driving like a Boss and most cause accidents!!! Macam-macan incidents ada lah... But one thing I happy to see is Nomadic Lion passing us entering to Sibu! So solute them thumbs up!!
We also have a chance to enter Bintulu today and have lunch there. The restaurant name very cute call Apple Restaurant...hehehe you don't go think that inside got sell apple or iphone oh!!
Is a halal Chinese restaurant no serve pork.
After the Lunch we heading back to Miri and using the old road pass by the Batu Niah junction. 
The trip is kinda fast and lucky no traffic jam at the Sungai Tujuh Immigration post there. We all reach at the KB Boustead showroom around 7 like that. Then all car been check by using a special computer to analyze what is the fuel consumption and how many fuel left~
By the time I reach home at Bandar already 9 plus. no doubt it is a fun trip and I glad Boustead invite me to join. I happy met some new friends and eat the nice food... if next time have one more trip like that for sure I'll taking part again. Now I think back I almost travel the whole Sabah and Sarawak...mmm maybe next time got go Puntianak I think it must be a adventure trip!!

Hello David we meet again!!

This is the footage of the drunk driver... you see jialat or not drive like that lucky no accident lah!

Is very common you see truck or accident like that at Sawarak road! 

When everytime we over take this type of truck my head alway imagine the timber fall and kana our car like the Last Destination movie scenes pop out from my head!

Lunch at the Apple Restaurant Bintulu

When everytime finish the lunch my eyes started felt very heavy liao

Here is where you stop before entering to the Batu Niah!! A station for you to rest, eat and go toilet break.

Reaching Sungai Tujuh immigration post... lucky no jam!!

Arrived at Boustead KB showroom!!

Technician checking the car fuel left in every car!

I wonder this thing cost how much.. 

Last group photo before we all say goodbye to each other and back to bandar!! Nice to meet you and I really have fun with you all for the past few days!

Very tired reach home but I happy to see a little note wrote by my daughter!!

Next day morning my breakfast I tapao from Sibu the Kompia and Kampua!!