Nissan Almera Eco 2000 Drive Challenge (Day 2)

Day 2 #AlmeraEco2000DriveChallenge
After a very good night sleep the second day of Almera Eco 2000 Drive Challenge I wake up very early coz I want to look for the local breakfast in Sibu! I don't want to eat the Hotel's breakfast so that is why I have to wake up early lah,
At Sibu there are 2 things famous here for morning meal... one is the Kampua(sibu kolomee) and the Kompia(both not halal). This two things if you come to Sibu must try one... Sibu people say if you no try it you'll not consider visited at Sibu!
This is my first time at Sibu I also don't know where I can find this 2 things to eat. Lucky my nose very powerful I just walk less than 5 minutes from the hotel and I found one restaurant got sell kampua and kompia! Since already come here might as well I also try on their other foods lah.. I also order the Laksa and try the Wantan too!
I don't have much time to explore the Sibu town... once I finish my meal I straight away back to the hotel of the team kick off the road before 9am.
Today they trip from Sibu to Kuching is around 400km so we have to go early and reach kuching by before 7:30pm. Ok now lets take a look of my day 2 trip.

Sorry I don't know what is this restaurant name... I just random find one see got serve Kampua and Kompia!

So this is the Sibu famous kolomee called Kampua!

The Kompia is really nice here!! I tried once this Kompia at Gadong there but not as good as the real one from here Sibu. thumbs up... fyi I even tapao 20 pieces back home during the day 5 back to bandar!

I have a heavy breakfast... Laska also nice but ofcoz the Kuching one is the best lah!

Kolo Wantan...nice!

Everyone have your breakfast already?? Ok lets go!!!

Oh No... one of the participant car tyre pomcit!!!
No worries... the Boustead got mechanic follow for the whole trip he can help them change!

After 10 minutes drive we stop here to pump the tyre air! 

The Sibu famous river "Rejang River"

After 2 hours drive some of the passengers and driver cannot tahan and want to look for toilet. We stopped at this place call Pakan for a break!

Long Q at fuel station there so we play smart go next door a cafe use their toilet ofcoz have to buy some little bit thing lah!!

During the toilet break I saw people fixing 2 new public phone. Very special one oh... is a wireless one! you see the antenna?

Around 1pm we reach to a town call Sri Aman. Is a size almost like Tutong town and we makan lunch there! 

Nice and quite town!!! 

Here also got a Mall.... eh not bad leh!

Singapore Chicken Rice... 

Evertbody.... just order what you want to eat... don't malu malu ya!

My Chicken Rice is the last arrive 

Another Refuel.... Can't remember where is this place if I'm not wrong is at Serian

During a toilet stop we saw a truck full of pig!! most of them never see things like that and all take out the phone and take picture! 

Alright... finally we arrived at Kuching!!!
The timing also good touch down around 7:30pm but to convoy 14 car to the hotel is not as easy as you think. too many car and traffic lights this also one of the reason slow down our speed to the hotel!!

This is the hotel we check in at Kuching! 

Ngam-ngam when we arrive the hotel celebrating their X'mas tree lights on ceremony!

Everyone very tired and hungry already!!!

This is my room... nice right!!
After put down our bags and stuff we have to go down to the lobby and walk to eat dinner at.....

Yes is here TopSpot!!!
come to Kuching must try the seafood here. This is my second time there... the first time it was 5 years ago!

Tonight we makan at Stall number 33!!!

Macam-macam all kind of seafood here you can found at TopSpot!!

See also don't know what want to order... feels like every thing also want to eat!

Look at the people there... full house lah!!

If you come late some time have to find a table also hard!

Lucky we have booked table and the foods already ready for us!!!

Everyone happy with the foods here!!!

After the dinner back to hotel and straight away go take shower and sleep... too tired already.
 Luckily tomorrow is Free and Easy,,, everyone can go shopping and visiting the Cat Town!!
Me I got few people to meet up.. Friends from Brunei long time no see them already... Good night!